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Gracias, Hitomi. Domo Arrigato! : Hitomi is a traffic-stopper back home in Tokyo. There is no one like her. Most Japanese girls with huge, natural tits are plumpers or heavy-set. Slim-n-stacked Hitomi is a true natural phenomenon of nature, like Merilyn and Venera. Hitomis pendulous boobs and sexy physique most closely resemble Shardays in many ways, especially in tit-shape and slope, very much the hanger type of breasts. Hitomis torso is even slimmer than Shardays, making her look even bustier. Valory Irene is another sensational SCORE model who shares similarities to Hitomi. Hitomi has large, very pale areolae and very pliable breasts. She can easily bring her nipples to her mouth and suck them. During the week, Hitomi endears herself to her bosom buds and the SCORE staff. Truly, a living doll out of a Manga a Japanese comic book.
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Leannes Infinity Bikini : Leanne Crow joins the SCORE team for her second international romp, teaming with Jenna Valentine, Hitomi, Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore, the big-tit syndicate out to take over the world. And they have the natural equipment to do it! Modeling has allowed Leanne to break out of the ordinary life back home in England and travel the world to exotic locations. Under the Mexican sun in a swanky house, the office a couple of miles away, Leanne enjoys the infinity edge pool that ends with a dizzying view of the city below, sumptuous local meals with her sisters-under-the-bra and seeing the sights of this resort town. Its first-class all the way for the first-class bird named Crow. I always wanted to have big boobs. I used to literally pray every night for them. I would pray over and over that I would get boobs. I am not even kidding. I was desperate for them. Leanne has got her wish! And the good life of a Puerto Vallarta Vacation suits her like a tight bikini!
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Meet Jasmine Shiraz : Please welcome to SCORELAND Jasmine Shiraz, a newcomer to modeling and thats the kind of girl were always glad to have aboard. This naturally busty brunette wears a 34F-cup bra although she says that she usually wears a smaller bra than her actual size because she likes how a smaller bra makes her boobs look, that rounded, mounded look all boob-lovers cant get their eyes off of. She likes dressing in business casual clothing. But once Im home, I like to take off my bra, Jasmine says. Shes an active girl who likes skiing, golfing and hiking, good kinetic activities for a chesty girl since you get to see lots of swinging motions. Shes also very kinetic in her first video, totally bare and rubbing one out. Her favorite TV shows are True Blood and Jersey Shore. Jasmine found SCORE through She definitely has the right stuff and has girl-next-door appeal, another quality always welcome with SCORE Guys. Check out her video interview and learn more about her. Welcome to SCORE, Jasmine Shiraz!
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Tell and Show : Some SCORELAND members go above and beyond the meaning of generosity. And thats why Jasmine Shiraz is here at SCORE showing you what nature has blessed her with. Jasmines boyfriend is a SCORE fan and SCORELAND member. Now most boyfriends of attractive, busty girls tend to want to keep them to themselves. But SCORE Men are a different breed. Jasmine wondered how busty she was so he went into SCORELAND and showed her the SCORE Girls and how they model. Jasmine looked at a lot of the girls and thought, I can do that. I want to do that. I want to be one of those girls. Go for it, he said. Now thats the ultimate meaning of the term Boob Brotherhood. So Jasmine checked out, emailed the required test snaps, and now shes here! Its that simple when a girl has the right stuff and takes the first step. Jasmines smart too and has a graduate degree so shes got it going every which way, body and brains. Jasmine usually wears a 34F bra to get the uplifted cleavage effect everyone loves but she thinks her tits are more a G or an H. She looks it. In this video, Jasmine talks about her background, her hobbies, bungee jumping, the effect her hooters have on people and more. Yes, bungee jumping. Welcome to the Big Show, Jasmine, and thank you for the recommendation, Jasmines BF. In her second, post-interview video, Jasmine lets her fingers do the walkin!
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Catt and Beverlys Big Tit Tug Adventure : Catt Green is a sexy redhead with huge, all-natural tits. Beverly Paige is a sexy brunette with huge, all-natural tits. For some reason, there are no female super-heroine teams. So SCORELAND has decided to create its own super-heroine teams, minus the costumes because we dont want their boobs covered up. They are here to lend you a hand. Or two. Enter Beverly and Catt, the pillow fighters. Theyre bouncing on the bed socking each other with pillows and they are very good at it. Its a giggly, girl thing. Beverly is wearing a tight tank top. Catt is wearing a low-cut nightie. Their big boobs bounce as they batter their bods. Beverly decides to call for a walking dildo and extend the fun and games. Catt is game for this. Wait til you see his dick, Beverly declares, as they resume bopping each other with pillows. Enter the cock-man. Which is YOU since this video is POV. The girls begin round two of their pillow pugilism while you lay back and enjoy the view. Their tits come out to play too, bobbing and swinging wildly, free of their loose-fitting clothes. What a pair! Laughing and excited, Beverly and Catt pull your pants and briefs off so they can get to what they want. Your dick in their soft palms and between their cleavage-pussy. Youre as hard as a pipe immediately. Beverly rubs some lube on Catts knockers. She makes sure every millimeter of skin is covered. She saturates her own gorgeous tits also, the better to slide you between the slippery slopes. Then its all hands on dick! They go town on your boner, yanking it, rubbing their breastflesh all over it, rubbing the balls, giving it their outmost attention, two happy, heavy-hanging handmaidens eager to make your boner burp nut nectar. Welcome to hooter heaven courtesy of Catt Green and Beverly Paige!
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The Cream-Filled Busty Nurse : The modern busty nurse is a stacked and sexy angel of mercy, dedicated to healing the afflicted with her miraculous cleavage, mouth, tongue, pussy and ass. They have been blessed with this great power and mankind should be grateful to them. There have been many dedicated nurses at the SCORE Clinic Lilith and Annie Swanson, Ivy, Kelly Christiansen, Carmen Hayes and Angelique and Minka. Today, Lana Ivans joins this Hallowed Hall of Hooter Healers in The Cream-Filled Busty Nurse, proudly using all of her skills to cure the ill Mr. Largo of whatever is ailing him, although he seems to have a nurse fetish and might be playing sick, not that anyone would fault him for that. Just look at her. Any man would be happy to fake sickness just to get a piece of that. Our medical tale opens with Lana checking up on the progress of her patient. She is looking sensational, her mouthwatering boobs appear poised to plop out of her low-cut top and fall on his head at any minute, especially when she crawls over his prone body to make the bed. Employing the latest medical technique shes learned at the SCORE Clinic, she takes his temperature by feeling his cock, a more accurate system than using a mechanical thermometer. Just having Lana in the same room seems to revive Mr. Largo. Her soft skin and her scent act like medicine. As his therapy continues, it looks like hell have the strength to give his nurse a 21CC injection of hot spunk straight into her tight pussy. It will be a happy ending for this patient thanks to the skills of his amazing caregiver, Lana Ivans, SCOREs Cream-Filled Busty Nurse. Medical miracles can be messy but now that the news has leaked out, Nurse Lana will be more in demand than ever.
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Charlee Lends A Hand : Charlee Chase was Sheridan Loves first on-camera sex friend in Sheridans first hardcore girl-on-girl video here at SCORELAND. Over at, Charlee had her pussy filled with cum in The Creamed Cunt of Charlee Chase. Now Charlee is back to stroke, tit-fuck and suck the hard wood in a Tits, Tugs and Tongue with a stunt member. First, Charlee reads the heartwarming fan letter that inspired her. She has a good, slutty phone-sex voice for on-camera reading. Dear Charlee, youre one of my favorite SCORE models. What does it take to get a girl like you into bed with a guy like me? I picture you looking up at me as you grip my cock with your tits. I know Im a dreamer but Im just waiting for the day when I can finally put my rod between your huge, massive jugs. Sincerely, B. Collins. Assisting Charlee in her reenactment of what she would do to Mr. Collins meat-axe is Mr. Wang. A non-stop torrent of sexy, dirty talks pours out of Charlees kittenish mouth as she jerks, tit-fucks and sucks Wangs wanger, all in you-are-there P.O.V. vision until her hot face is sprayed with his ball-batter. Trust us. You are in good hands with Charlee Chase. And in good cleavage and good mouth too. Load up on the omega-3s and zinc before you spend time with this gal.
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Maserati Goes For A Juggy Joy Ride : Maseratis debut SCORE magazine appearance is the December 11 edition, available at This newcomer is stacked, sexy, pretty, does it all and shes great at doing it. We see a fantastic future ahead for her. As further evidence, SCORELAND is geared up to present Maserati Goes For A Juggy Joy Ride, Maseratis third video after Maseratis Rack Attack and Double Strokers, her Tits and Tugs threesome with Desiree. When Maserati gets to her boff buddys place, shes anxious to change into a new, erotic piece of lingerie shes just bought. Its a slinky and sheer monokini thats designed for no-fumble rearranging and for fast-access tit-sex and fucking. No need to open Maseratis hood while shes wearing this outfit. You can see her twin turbos right through the sheet fabric. After she changes out of her street clothes that are very sexy too, he dives for her gorgeous tits and pussy, just like we all would. She opens her legs for a fingering and a licking, then takes his crankshaft between those high-beaming 34H headlights, licking and sucking the tip when it slides past her hood ornaments to her waiting, manpleasing mouth. If youve seen Maseratis previous supercharged scenes, then you know that this beauty really loves hard wood and she loves to be seen and appreciated by the Boob Brotherhood while shes lovin that wood. Looks like this juggy joy ride is going to be as smooth as a Sunday drive in the country with a stop for a lube job and a change of oil. Maseratis ride rules! Show her some love with a comment or email
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Tit For Tat : When Im out, I always wear a bra, the lovely and talented Desiree says during her first pow-wow with SCORE editor Dave. They need support. Stacked, natural and shapely, Desiree Desirees Anal Cumback may have had one of the longest hiatuses for a model on record. Almost ten years away, a year longer than Diane Poppos nine-year absence. Weve already seen Desirees pole skills, we now get to hear the back-story about her start with SCORE. How one of our photographers fearlessly approached her on the beach when she was vacationing in Florida with girlfriends and asked her to model nude. How she reacted. How her boobs grew to an F-cup during the time she was back in New York. What she was doing all those years not modeling. How Desiree almost became a policewoman. How she found us years later and tried boy-girl scenes for the first time, including her anal cherry-popping the first in her life, not just on camera, and liked it. Do you believe that up until now, Desiree hadnt met any guys who sexually satisfied her? Do you believe that until Desiree came to SCORE, no guy had ever slid his cock between her tits? Maserati helped her with that in Double Strokers. Desiree will explain all in this interview and fill in the gaps. This is indeed a classic love story. With anal added.
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Cowgirls First Time Ride : Curvalicious Midwesterner Destiny Rose debuted in February 10 Voluptuous to many props Great figure and great poses. I just love these Midwest girls. Cant wait to see more of Destiny in the future. Destiny turned up the heat with a hot girl-girl scene with Kaytee Carter September 10 V-mag More To Fuck. The props continued. Choice discovery. I hope she will consider XXX action on a return trip. Dont let this one slip away! Well, guess what? Destiny is now back to crank up the thermostat after deciding to go all the way and try a boy-girl scene--her first ever anywhere. She spent a lot of time thinking about it until she decided to go for the gold medal. Why so? Why now? Cause I want to. Im a nympho, Destiny said. Im nervous, she admits, which is not surprising but we knew she would be great from the moment she arrived. One of Destinys favorite fantasies is playing the cowgirl with a dude so she brought her cowgirl clothing from home and is going to live out this fantasy for you guys. Shes got the boots, the hat, the denim shorts, the big buckin buckle, the fringed vest that can barely holster her magnificent 100 all-natural top shelf. She has a lot more than a fistful of boobs. SCOREs editor Dave talks to Destiny first, a sort of pre-fuck interview, and then they do a post-fuck interview after the show is over. If it works for football, its good enough for SCORELAND and this is a whole lot better than a football locker room interview. The Voluptuous dream girl enters the pre-game interview stark, bare-ass nekkid. Without a stitch. Barefoot. Hows her blow job style? Sloppy, Desiree answers. Spit. Now Destiny can ride the bologna pony to her hearts content. Were positive she can stay on the bucking bronco and ride tall in the saddle til she cums. And her gunslingin pardner will be cumin round her mountains when he cums!
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Lickety Sweet : SCORELAND super-fave Terri Jane sure does like that sweet stuff. She makes moaning pleasure sounds as she licks her cool vanilla ice cream cone, her tongue swirling around the rich creamy goodness. Her lips are coated in white. I think Im going to rub this ice cream all over my body, Terri moans. She lowers the cone to her massive cleavage and begins to rub the ice cream over her hooters. Securing the pointed end of the cone between her English hills, she lowers her head to taste the cream. Dropping her bra, Terri continues to paint her tits with ice cream, the cool concoction cooling off her hot breasts, making them sticky and wet. It looks like a huge load of man-juice was dropped on them. The comely lass lowers her cone inch by inch over her body, leaving a trail of ice cream all over her. Terris become a human sundae. The urge to lick her curvy body like a life-sized popsicle is very powerful! A video worthy of repeated play, over and over again. Stay sweet, Terri Jane.
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Slick N Stacked : Tucked away in a house near a busy street, Hitomi squeezes her tit-filled bra, lifting the cups up, and dropping them down. Generous views of under-cleavage are shown from below as she pulls on the bra straps. When she finally unleashes her hooters from their prison of fabric, she immediately begins squeezing them hard. Her breastflesh is very pliable and cushiony. The camera hovers over her and aims straight down over her large cleavage. Hitomi drops off the chair and gets on the floor, continuing to knead and squeeze her tits like dough. She shakes them hands-free and they wobble and tremble, almost making them seem like they have a life of their own. Do you like oil massage? Hitomi says in English. Come play with me. She oils her Tokyo treasures and rubs the stuff in, saturating her skin. Her tits shine as the Japanese doll-girl continues to grab fistfuls of tit and sensitive nipple and massage them. The lens zooms in for extreme close-ups of Hitomis natural marvels as they slip in and out of her oily palms. Hitomis tits are works of art.
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Taking A Chance For Big Tits : Please extend a big SCORELAND welcome to new Voluptuous Girl Alex Chance, a busty, brunette bartender by profession, here for the first time and trying her hand, tongue and more at boy-girl action. Now thats newcomer dedication. Alex is getting hot and heavy with her boyfriend in her bedroom when they hear a knock at the door. Its her father. She pushes her boff-buddy away and makes him get under the bed so her dad wont find him and explode, ruining her chance to get laid tonight. Her father enters and tells Alex that he and her mom are going out to the movies. Yes, the pitfalls of being a boomeranger moving back in with mom and dad. Its tough to find the privacy for making humpy time. As soon as Alex sees their car drive off, she eagerly gets her date off the floor and on to the mattress. She opens her dresser drawer and pulls out an assortment of Voluptuous magazines that she snuck out of her parents room. Hey, so dad is a reader. Must be a horny guy. Alex wants to try some of the positions shes checked out in the mags. Naughty, aint she? Now thats a great girlfriend. Alex lays the mags out on the bed, opens them, and begins sucking her boyfriends dick while she looks at the pictures. Her throat technique is very good. Clearly, Alex has been practicing and studying and its been paying off. A facial is going to be her well-deserved reward for being so good after their screw and it wont cost her friend a dime. Who needs to treat a girlfriend to a spa visit?
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Prowling For Pud : Horny is as horny does, and when chestastic Katarina feels the need to smoke some pole, she puts on her sluttiest and most stringy outfit and goes out to the streets in search of satisfaction. This seductress doesnt prowl for pud very long not dressed in that outfit, anyway before she finds a man who is more than willing to let her handle his package with care. I dont always want to have sex, she tells him as she fondles his trouser snake. I just like to see how fast my tits can make you cum. I want to see how much cum you can make shoot out of your cock just for me. You heard the lady! Show her how much cum her jiggling jugs can bring forth!
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Room Serviced Slut : Hotel stays are always made better by the little perks. Little things like free soap, clean towels, and those plush terrycloth robes make residing in a place, far from home, even better. When you realize that you have free cable and that you can order up free continental breakfast, it gets even better. But what if you could order up even more comforts? What if some busty bellhop showed up to turn down your bed and turn out your cock head, too? Wouldnt that be marvelous? Room service would take on a whole other meaning, right? Well Summer shows this guy exactly how intent she is on making his stay a pleasant one when she wraps her globes around his loaded gun. She draws all the sauce she can from his nuts and then leaves, so as not to disturb his rest. The only question left is, will she leave a mint on his pillow afterwards?
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Patriotic Pud-Drainer : Two things are for sure Morgan Leighs huge jugs in this flag bikini will make your cock say,God Bless America! and when someone like Morgan comes your way, you pretty much drop everything to give her what she wants. You see, Morgan was on the beach all by her lonesome, just frolicking in the surf, making her bazookas jiggle as all busty women should do at all times and she spots a good-looking guy and his girlfriend on the rocks, nearby. She takes in the scene and realizes that this guys girlfriend doesnt even bother to show some skin and that her tiny tits are no match for her huge tatas. So she saunters over and asks if he will rub some oil on her, um, back. We are sure that this guy gets shit for it, but wed say fuck it and go for it, too. Wouldnt you? He rubs some lotion on Morgan, but before long, he is rubbing on her titties, too. She believes in tit for tat because she helps him rub one out, too, but instead of her hands, she uses her cock-holders, er, tits. This is one patriotic pud-draining that we are sure you will salute with your cock, too.
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Stacked Sac Siphoner : This is Jana. She is from the Czech Republic and she has a huge rack. Huge is not even the word to describe the size of her love pillows. They are firm globes of pleasure designed to provide a place for you to rest your head, your hands and your dick, if you so choose. And unlike American girls, Jana understands this dynamic and doesnt find it insulting that you might want to not speak, but rather, whip your cock out and spray her melons down. In fact, she expects it. She might just even love it. It certainly looks that way because the minute she gets a chance to pound this meat, she smiles like someone just gave her a lollipop. We say that more girls should be proud to drain nuts the way Jana is. They should be happy to do their part in siphoning as much sauce from all the sacs in the land.
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Milk and Nookie : Got MILK? If you dont then you should run out and get some right away because Rachel love is thirsty. She wants you to sit down with her and enjoy some milk and nookie. No, we didnt say cookies. We said nookie. You see, Rachel has got some nice-sized tits and she wants you to put them in your mouth. And here is where the nookie part comes into play because she plans on fucking you with them. Yup, this chick plays with milk and then jug-fucks your dick into oblivion. And if there wasnt already enough milk spilled in this scenario, she wants even more! Because she wants your cream on her chest, buddy. Yeah, thank goodness she isnt lactose intolerant. Rachel Love knows that milk and your cream does a body good!
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Boom-Boom in the Champagne Room? : Some people will tell you that they went to the champagne room in a strip club with a hot girl and that they scored a piece of pussy for a reasonable price. We think that maybe that might have happened. But it doesnt happen all the time. Others will tell you that they went into the VIP and tried to score some pussy and got tossed out on their asses. We think that happens more often than not. We are here to tell you what probably happens in the champagne room on the regular. You spot a hot girl like Summer and shes dancing, swaying those jugs around like a couple of pom-poms. You pull out some cash and give her what we like to call a, dance donation, for her tit-swaying prowess. This convinces her to unveil said tits and mash em on your face and crotch. This leads you to give her another dance donation. Whilst giving her your hard earned bucks for making you hard, she catches a glimpse of your wad o cash and tells you that she will take you to the VIP room for that wad o cash. What do you get in return? Well, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that you like tits. Summer has probably had that figured out since you gave her the first tit-swaying dance donation. So, she whips your dick out, whips her tits out and connects the two in a furious pumping and mashing experience that we like to call a tit-and-tug-aganza! Her talented tatas blow your wad, she takes your wad o cash, she wipes off your baby batter, exits stage left not a hair out of place and lives to dance another day. That sounds like it could happen, right? Like it does happen, right? Much more than your buddys tall tale of banging a stripper like a jackhammer in the VIP, right? Yeah, we think so, too. Thats why we like the tits-and-tug job so much. Its like the fast-food version of a good time. You get in, get off and get that order.
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Who Needs Talent When You Have a Pussy? : I cant sing or act or dance but I dont think that really matters if you want to be famous, said Missy. Lots of celebrities have no talent, and yet you seem all over TV. Its all about who you know...and what you do to them. I went to some audition to become a star, and I told the guys there I didnt really have any talent, but I could give one of them head. So I did. And I let him fuck my big titties, too. Then he put it in my pussy and that felt really good. I guess I know how to do something after all, and thats make guys cum.
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Slut Search : I always get what I want. These guys needed a dancer and I knew I was the girl for the job. First of all Im really flexible and I can do all kinds of crazy dance moves and pull my legs up to my head. And if they werent impressed with that, then I knew Id get them to change their minds by the way I suck cock and fuck. Im not afraid to gag on that cock and deep throat it and get spit all over my face. Sloppy blow jobs are my specialty. Im pretty good at fucking, too. In fact, I fucked this guy so hard that sweat and pussy juice were dripping of his balls. Theres no way they were going to turn me down after that.
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LA Woman : Ive always wanted to be a porn star because fucking is my favorite thing to do. Im from California but I wasnt getting much work there. Someone told me I should come to Florida because thats where amateurs go, so I did. I went to some audition, but I wasnt even sure what it was for. I just did the only thing I know how to do and thats get naked and suck dick. They put a camera on me and I felt like a real porn star! I was a little nervous at first but when the guy started fucking me I completely forgot about the camera. I got on top of him with my back facing him and he started fucking me so hard that his balls slapped against my clit. I was completely lost in the sex!
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Her Secret Talent : I dont know how I had the nerve to walk up into that audition and pretend I could sing like Whitney Houston. I know I cant sing, but I thought maybe I could fool these guys. But I was just fooling myself. But luckily I had a plan B. And that was to use my secret talent-seducing. I was born with a big mouth, and it aint for singing but sure is for sucking. And I know I have a nice body, too. I wanted that $1,000 and I was gonna do whatever I could to get it. So I fucked this guy just right. First I gave him some sweet head, bobbing and weaving all over his cock. Then I let him pound my pussy till my juice got all over his nuts. By the time I was done with him I knew I had earned that cash.
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Shes a Cockstar : Shes nervous. Yeah, right. Thats what all aspiring singers say when they blow their auditions. Tanner didnt seem too nervous when it was time to suck cock though. She went straight for the meat. The more she sucked this guy off, the more cock-crazed she became. So into her horny pussy the cock went! Tanner is the kind of girl who likes it rough and hard. Slap her ass and pound her with everything youve got. She may be tiny, but she likes her pussy stuffed to the max. The deeper it goes, the harder she cums. She may not have what it takes to be the next American Idol, but Tanner is a cockstar in our eyes.
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She Wants the Part : I really wanted to impress the producer with my dance moves, but I guess he could tell I dont have much experience with dancing. I was ready to do anything to get the part. I showed them my tits but that wasnt enough. They asked me if I had any other skills. Thats when I remembered that I love sucking cock. I have a lot of experience with that. One of the guys even told me that even though I couldnt dance with my feet, I could sure dance with my mouth. Then when he put his cock inside of me I couldnt help but moan and squeal. Even if I didnt get the part I auditioned for, I sure got a great part in my pussy.
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Fuck Film : Newsflash girls, if youre going to an audition, know what youre auditioning for. Ryan showed up to a tryout for what she thought was a school film. She didnt realize its an adult film that requires nudity. Luckily, she doesnt care. Ive always wanted to be in one of those, Ryan said. She mustve done a lot of practicing for her porno debut, because she grabs the stud by the cock and sucks it like its her job. Well, judging by the look of it, it will be her job from now on. Ryan really wants the part, so she takes this guys part into her horny pussy. Ryan has decided that acting is the career for her, so long as every day is like this one!
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From Fashion to Facials : In her three years of modeling, Nikkis never had an audition like this one. And in her years of fucking, shes never had a dick like the one shes about to get. First of all, Nikki has never done nude modeling before. Shes a bit shy peeling each article of clothing off, but warms up once shes butt naked and the photographer assures her that theyre professionals. She really wants the gig, so Niki takes the initiative and proves that she has skills other than modeling. And those are ball-draining skills that involve heated cock-sucking and intense fucking. She was already hot to begin with, but her horny humping sealed the deal. She landed the gig!
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Rio Blows Her Audition : Its been my lifelong dream to become a singer. I went to an audition to try to make it happen, but I was so horny I couldnt concentrate. I tried singing, but it just wasnt happening. All I could think about sucking cock. The camera guy told me to forget about the audition and get to sucking. As much as I want to be a singer, I was relieved to finally get a cock in mouth. And I just cant suck. Once I get a taste of that cock I need it in my pussy, too. I was worried that I was wasting their time by coming in there and fucking up my audition cause I was horny. But they were really understanding. And the one talent scout guy didnt seem to mind so much once he was drilling my wet, little pussy.
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Starting at the Bottom : Leenuh came to this audition fully aware that there was nudity involved, and she was okay with that. She didnt know there would be sex involved, but she was okay with that, too. Anything to be a star, right? To make it to the top youve got to start at the bottom. So Leenuh gets down on her knees and starts sucking. Her braces dont slow her down and she even makes eye contact with the camera. Shes a natural. And even though shes only 18 she works her pussy on that prick like a seasoned slut. I wanted to make it big as a model or actress in Hollywood, but I really liked fucking in front of the camera. Maybe porn is a better career choice for me, said Leenuh. We agree!
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She Earns Her Pay : Tatum is one of our more unique applicants. Shes flexible, talented and offers to take her clothes off right from the get-go. In a rare turn of events, our producers dont have to budget to pay Tatum for what shes worth, but shes not going to settle for that. Shes going to work for a raise, and the first one she gets is a boner that rises for her enthusiastic and slobbery cock-sucking. Having a big dick in her mouth makes Tatums pussy wet, and now shes really going to earn that money. Its not every day that you find a girl who can bend every which way and fuck like an animal. Some girls just want to get drilled, but Tatum works her ass and bounces it up and down, requiring no addition pounding from the guy. In this case her hard work pays off when shes rewarded with wads of money and a wad of cum on her face.
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The Things Girls Do For Money : I found this flyer on campus looking for entertainers. I wasnt sure what to expect when I got there, but all they wanted me to do was hula-hoop. I figured it would be easy enough. So I put on this skimpy little outfit and showed them what I could do. But then they wanted me to get naked. I was little unsure at first, but then one of the guys there totally hung the hula-hoop on his boner. It was big! After seeing that the only thing I could think about was if his boner tasted as good as it looked. Well it did, and it felt even better in my pussy! And not only was the sex great, but they paid me for my services too. I need to go to more auditions like this one.
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Fuck It! : Some girls might get offended if you ask them to fuck in a tryout, but where are they now? Waitressing in some shitty restaurant, I bet. But me? I dont mind fucking. Sometimes riding the bologna pony is the only way to get where you want to go. Ive always been a horny slut so I dont really care. Putting out in auditions has gotten me some really great gigs, not to mention Ive cum pretty good, too. Hey, sometimes youve gotta do what youve gotta do. Im gonna suck cock and fuck no matter what I do, so why wouldnt I do it to help me get land a job? Whats the difference between fucking for a job and fucking to cum? Youre just getting what you want, and I want to be famous.
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Two Cheers for Sex : She may not have much experience, but Syndi pretty much has what it takes to be a cheerleader. Shes cute and blonde and looks good holding two pom poms. Thats about all you need, right? Wrong. Everyone knows that cheerleaders are sluts. Syndis got the look, but does she have the sex skills to back it up? I think I can give a BJ, Syndi said. She sure can! Syndi works the guys head while stroking his shaft and rubbing her pussy. Once his cock is hard and her twat is ready, they get to the final part of the tryout-the sex. Syndi loves the pussy-banging this guy gives her with his cock. She bounces on his prick like its a pogostick, and when she accepts his load on her chin, she seals her position as head cheerleader.
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Thats Entertainment, Folks : Jennifer claims shes an entertainer. Apparently that means its a lot of fun to watch her ride the pink pony. Her tryout to be a cocktail server at a private party turns into her serving her tail to a cock. Jennifer claims that shell only go as far as wearing lingerie, but as soon as this guy starts talking money, shes ready to drop her panties. Jennifer gets naked and when he offers her even more money to fuck, she happily agrees. She gets on her knees and coats his rod with her spit and even sucks his balls. Then this guy gives her the first installment of her payment a man-meat deposit in her bald twat. He fucks her in a variety of positions, switching her without even taking his dick out of her cunt. Jennifer loves every second of it. As long as theres a cock involved, she has a promising future in entertainment.
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Amais Got Talent! : This is kind of like American Idol, but with fucking and sucking instead of boring songs sung by boring people. Sounds a lot better, right? We agree. No Simon. No Paula. No whatshisname or whatshername. Just some phony guy whos giving auditions for singers. Along comes 18-year-old Amai Liu. She thinks shes got what it takes to be the next big pop star. She thinks she can sing, but it turns out her throat is put to better use by taking a cock down it. And those vocal chords are better off moaning from sex than singing a tune. If you havent already figured it out, Amai Liu cant sing at all. But she still manages to pass her audition!
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Bozena and Eden in Knockin Nipples : Eden is Israeli. Bozena lives in the Czech Republic. Getting them together in Europe was very difficult to accomplish. Eden easily has the biggest tits of anyone in Israel, at least any women that we know of. Bozena has more competition in her country but she has a pair of the biggest breasts of all the Czech models we know. In this chapter from Knockin Nipples, prepare to be astounded by the sheer size of their love pillows. Lots of great titty suckin here! Yum, yum! The video opens with the two girls in the pool, rubbing nipples and breast meat together. They hug tightly, grinding their giant tits. Then comes the sucking and licking. Eden needs two hands to lift one of Bozenas tits and lick the nipple. Bozena is very well informed about pussy anatomy and really works over Edens clit and lips. As hot as that gets, the tit play is the thing here. This is one of the most boob-focused videos ever posted on with two of the all-time greatest tit-stars. Running Time 1818
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Devyn And Kerra in Knockin Nipples : Im not a big nipple girl, so you should never go straight for my nipples, Devyn Devine informs the breast community. You should always go for around the outside. And dont ever forget the underside. And then you go slowly. You have to have something to build up to. And then you can get a little rougher and use your teeth. Meanwhile, Kerra Dawson states for the record, I usually dont get off when men are pounding hard on my breasts or squeezing or pinching them really hard. Just do it kindly and nicely to my nipples. Massage them. Im kind of sensitive underneath my boobs as well, so just moving your hands back and forth under my boobs feels really good. That gets me off. In Knockin Nipples, we paired-up these two little, busty pixies with oversexed libidos and turned them loose upon each other. See what happens and dont tell anyone what you saw. Running Time 2439
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Sunshine and Monique LAmour in Knockin Nipples : Sunshine and Monique LAmour are two cock-lovin superstars on, with many credits. It took something special to get them to mess around with titties and clitties. And that special something was...each other! This is their first and only girl-on-girl hardcore sex scene. In this scene from Knockin Nipples, Monique shows Sunshine Voluptuous magazine photos of Angela White in a bra...the same bra that Monique has just purchased! She tries it on for Sunshine. Monique tells Sunshine that she looks like Veronika, a Czech bra-buster, and holds her picture up. Sunshine says that she has a full bush unlike the clean-shaven snatch of Veronika. Monique offers to take care of that barbering if Sunshine is cool with it. Its obvious that the thought of shaving Sunshines pussy has excited Monique. After Sunshine is shaved slick and hairless, the girls cannot hold back and unleash the full force of their high-energy libidos. They use tongues, fingers and fake cocks to give each other high-voltage orgasms. The room turns into a sauna from their passion. Running Time 2112
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Crisa and Joana in Knockin Nipples : Angel Crisa, a Voluptuous Girl, finds a lounge chair in a shady spot and applies white goo to her naturally huge tits. She loves playing with her sensitive breasts because it feels so good. Her nipples are rich in delicate nerve endings and every rub and squeeze sends waves of erotic energy through her shivering body. Sticking a finger into her pussy and rubbing her inner thighs and outer pussy drives her into ecstasy. Her Romanian friend Joana, also a Voluptuous Girl, comes by to see what Crisa is up to all alone on the upper terrace and when she sees Crisa feeling herself up, Joana instinctively copies her. Crisa opens her eyes and sees Joana, then pulls her on top of her, wrapping her legs around Joanas back like a wife wraps her legs around her husband in missionary fucking. Their embrace is erotic and sensual, more lovey-dovey and kissy-kissy than slam-bam. They take their time enjoying the pleasures of the female body. The need to fill their pussies overcomes them and they whip out a double-headed dong to provide satisfaction. Then Joana puts on a strap-on and fucks Crisa doggie-style in a very loving manner. They have incredibly sexy, curvy bodies combined with very soft, ultra-feminine personalities. European women have a certain style that is unmistakable, very natural, earthy and relaxed. Running Time 1819
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The Melons of Diamond Knights : Culton the bag boy they dont call him bag boy for nothing helps the juggilicious Diamond Knights carry her groceries to her apartment. Wow, where do you sign up for this job? Her huge melons keep falling out of her dress. Shes not wearing a bra and the top of her dress just cant contain these heavy knockers. Playing coy, she asks him whats heavier, the store-bought honeydew or her honeydews. Then she asks him if he would like to suck them. This is why being a delivery boy is worth the low pay. Diamond is very direct and doesnt like to waste time with small talk when she wants the cock. Culton is a little dumfounded at first but the message eventually sinks in before Diamond has to mail him a letter. The girl wants to fuck, schmuck! Thats what we call one hell of a tip for carrying a bag of groceries. Wait until you see Diamonds ass-quake presentation. Running Time 2243
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Cock-Worship Training : Arowyn first shows the interviewer what shes made of. Shes from Indiana and is a first-timer on A 40-something, shes fucked many dudes and has made a few hardcore videos. While she answers a few questions about herself, stunt-dick Colton creams her up with white lotion, rubbing the goo into her skin. As he rubs the lotion, Arowyn is asked where she likes guys to shoot their loads. On my titties, she answers. Are you going to lick my cock? he asks her. Are you going to lick my balls? Do you like cock in your mouth? She answers yes, then shes guided into her cock-worship training session. As her boobs dangle and hang, she sucks the cock and fingers the balls. Arowyn is very subservient and does everything Colton tells her to do, pleading with him to not stop. He oils her body with clear baby-oil. That drives her crazy. He has her get on her back so her tits can be fucked. She get hornier seeing her tits fucked. Colton fingers her oily pussy, rubbing the engorged clit. She gets even more crazy. Now that she has been prepped, he fucks her hard from behind, then sideways and missionary. Arowyn begs for his load on her tits. Hes happy to oblige and covers her nipples and breasts in man-spunk. Running Time 2619
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Hot Mamma : Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year winner, April McKenzie, personally introduces her XL Girls video, asking you if you can guess whats different about her. As a hint, she says that shes two breast-cup sizes larger. Since shes huge-chested to start, thats a considerable increase! Whoa, mamma! Yes, April is knocked-up. Seven months, to be exact. Thats the best part, April says with a smile. Your friendly editors have known April since she first appeared in Voluptuous and the increase in titty size is dramatically noticeable. Her areolae are much darker, a physiological change that happens during pregnancy. Her fuck pal is going to have a great time sucking on those hooters. Hes the dude who fucked April once, in the movie, Pounding The Pledges. His sucking on the teat gets April going. With the hormones of pregnancy raging in her system, it doesnt take much to get her juice flowing. J Mac gets a tentpole from enjoying Aprils jugs. He whips off his shorts so she can start her own sucking. April gets fed the man-bone and sucks his balls at his command. He has to fuck her huge tits. She gets on her back for this. April squeezes her tits around the cock and polishes it with her boobs, like shes buffing it with two huge boob-shammies. The sound of her boobs slapping against his body fills the air, a very distinctive sound. Then its time to fuck Aprils needy pussy. All the breast play has prepared her for a good screwing. Shes got to have that. The Mac Man rams her with full power. April loves that. She doesnt want gentle and tender. She wants a good, hard, fast pounding in her snatch until she cums all over his dick and then she wants his baby-batter dropped all over her swollen tits and belly-bump. Only that will satisfy April. And she gets what she wants as all pregnant girls get what they want. Big props from go to April for one of the hottest and horniest preggo-sex fucks weve ever seen. Running Time 1919
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Big Girl Bra Show : Our interviewercameraman chats with Nina Star to warm things up. Naturally part of this warming-up process is asking her to lick her nipples. Nina has a very sexy, sweet voice. Ninas titty-clapper comes next. This is an interesting game. Youll like it. Next comes Ninas bra show. At home, Nina gets fitted since finding proper bras off the rack is not easy for this girl. Nina tries on a pink number thats way too small but she likes how it feels. The bra show continues for a bit, then the interviewer calls for Ninas prize to walk in...her own personal stud for the remainder of the video. Shes delighted and gets to sucking right away, using his thigh to rest her enormous hooters as she orals him. Nina gets on her back so she can be tit-fucked. Fucking tits this big is a great accomplishment. You dont see a chest like Ninas every day of the week. They move to the bed so they can have room to fuck comfortably. Nina doesnt get wham-bammed this good that often in Texas and she enjoys every inch of the trip. After a good, hearty hammering, its time to lather those incredible gazongas in joy-juice. Nina should remember her visit to after this pounding. We hope to see her again. Running Time 2455
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Busty Cock Worshipper : Devyn Devine is a short and busty bootycall-slut from the Seattle area by way of Brooklyn. A stripper, she headed to LA and Miami to do what she does best besides stripping...opening her legs and getting fucked. After giving this dude a vacuum cleaning treatment, P.O.V. style, this little cock worshipper slides her bra back down over her titties, which are now wrapped around his big cock. Devyn pushes them together and pumps hard. She tells him to fuck her tits, but shes the one doing all the work, bouncing up and down with her fleshy pillows, never releasing his pole, and sucking on the head. He doesnt even move when Devyn turns around. Instead, he works the head on her pussy lips as she moans. Finally, he works a little inside of her before she finally raises up a little so she can slide his entire length into her meaty snatch. Devyn pushes her big ass back into his groin. She then gets on all fours so he can fuck her shaved cunt. Devyn is a screamer, so soon enough she is begging for him to fuck her harder and make her big boobs shake. He obliges her request. Missionary position works better for Devyn, who seems to enjoy the deep thrusting more while laying on her back and playing with her boobs. But shes also adept at riding and does so with plenty of enthusiasm. Devyn climbs on for a reverse cowgirl ride. She bounces up and down, over and over, moaning the entire time as the dude mashes against her clit with each thrust. Devyn offers her bountiful cleavage to him for his cum-shot. He douses her in cum as her reward. This scene, and three more, are on the DVD Busty Cock Worshippers. Running Time 2812br br
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Cummin All Ova : Our cameraman is excited to greet the always smiling Terry Nova. Shes one of those girls who is so warm and nice, no one ever worries about catching attitude from her. Shes never bitchy or snooty, just friendly and cheery. A girl who radiates sunshine. He needed a hot girl with big tits to drop by on short notice and fuck the shit out of a stunt-cock. Thats why he called Terry. She doesnt speak more than a few words of English so it helps to be telepathic as well as use a lot of hand gestures. Terrys chest is a masterpiece of natures handiwork. You need two hands to lift one up to suck the nipple. Usually were happy if a girl as stacked and as sexy will show her nude body and show the pink. But early on, Terry was enthusiastic about full-sex. She loves the cock and enjoys sucking it and getting fucked. She is a girl who makes your life complete and happy. Watch Terry Nova in action! We love Terry Nova!
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Busty Cock Worshipper : Sabryna is what all women should be and are not, unfortunately for the male of the species. The scene opens with Sabryna on her hands and knees, looking into the camera. The first words out of her mouth are, Im here to fulfill your every fantasy. Sabryna quickly does as shes told and sheds her dress to show off her bountiful cleavage spilling out of a pink bra. She kneels down in front of her man and starts jacking his cock before her melons come out of the bra and form a love cocoon for his turgid tool. Sabryna pumps her boobs up and down on his rod pausing only to lick and suck her own nipples. Next, she spins around and shows us her meaty ass, rubbing it along the shaft of her mans cock. Finally, she slides his cock into her waiting pussy. Her man grabs her ass with both hands. Sabryna lifts herself off his cock and goes to the bed and right into a doggie style position. Our man climbs up behind and slides all the way in with one thrust before pounding that pussy hard. All Sabryna can do is grab the bedspread and hang on, screaming the whole time about how much she wants him to fuck her. Sabryna is a howler. Almost from the minute her man slides his meat into her waiting pussy, she is moaning loudly and screaming. When her stick-man grabs on to the back of the pink lace-up corset shes still wearing and starts banging her hard, Sabryna sounds like shes in heaven. Sabryna climbs off and offers her big boobs for him to spunk on. Sabryna does the right thing and massages the copious amount of cum into her knockers. What a good girl to have around the house! Running Time 2159
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Bustin Out : The XL Girls cameraman who filmed Shar aka Ms. Titty has met lots of busty women since he began shooting here but hes never seen a woman as big-boobed as Shar. Hes met the Asian 1 Boob Queen Minka, a SCORE model. Shar enjoys teasing him and showing him her bod and her amazing natural hooters at the bar. She goes behind the bar and uses her tits to make a cocktail. Its titty-ful, Shar says about her drink. Yummy! Then Shar gets on top of the bar and dangles her hangers. She drops her panties and shakes her ass. She gets on the floor and masturbates until she cums. Shar is a woman who loves her gigantic breasts and her life revolves around them! Running Time 2102
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Busty Cock Worshipper : Some women have breasts. Dusty Rose has what we like to call, fuckin gazongas! For you guys who appreciate a dirty-talking slut who boasts big, floppy hangers--you should if youre a member of Rose is for you. Dusty peels out of a denim outfit that laces up the front and talks a lot about her enormous boobs and what she wants to do with your staff. When Dusty removes her top, shes wearing a lacy, dusty rose-colored bra. That comes off and Dusty finds a small piece of rope that she ties around her hangers to help press them together. She takes the end of the rope and loops it around her mans cock, which she then presses in between her flesh pillows. He gets a good and nasty titty-fuck before Dusty goes to work with her mouth. Dusty uses a lot of tongue. After some extensive oral ministrations, Dustys fuck-pal is so worked up that he grabs her jugs and wraps them around his prick for another round of titty-fucking. Dusty follows his lead and does another tit-banger. He seems ready to shoot his scum before hes even put his junk in her pussy. Dusty grabs her rope again and wraps it around her tits. One great shot has us looking down at Dusty as she continues to move her tits up and down this guys joint. Finally, enough with the fucking rope, Dusty gets on her back and takes the cock. Then Dusty goes for a ride, cowgirl style. Dusty bounces up and down on his spear-meat and smothers him with her tit-flesh. We get a great view of her ass as his pole fills her. Dusty spins around for a reverse cowgirl twirl. When she leans back to take all of the cock, we see Dustys entire package jiggling in a sexual frenzy. She amps up the dirty talk, telling him that she wants him to dump his load on her chest. Every man loves a woman with a filthy mouth in bed and Dusty is one fine, nasty slut. She will make a man sweat his balls off banging her. Running Time 2616
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Plugged and Pounded : Our man-on-the-scene and his trusty cameraman say hello to Brandy Ryder, a pretty girl who likes to show off her 40FF mams in a low-scooped top. He asks her to take her tits out of her top and lick the nipples, then has a feel of her fine, soft boob-flesh. He asks Brandy how she likes her sex. I like it rough, Brandy admits. I like to be spanked but not too hard. They have Brandy sway her tits from side-to-side hands-free, a sight all true breast-men love. With their boob-reveal over for now, they ask Brandy if she would like a nice, hard cock to suck on. Shes gagging for it so Mr. Cock comes to her and drops his pants. Brandys blow job technique is very good and sexy, with enough hands-free mouth-fucking and cock-adoration to win a high rating from XLGirls. Our man takes a brief intermission to suck her nipples and savor the taste. Now its time to insert cock into pussy so they go off to another room. Brandy strips down to her high-heeled shoes and gets the hard, hearty pounding she hinted that she wanted. After her pussy has been given a solid stuffing, Brandy does what we have asked our directors to capture many times in the past. Brandy gives his cock a vigorous stroke-off while her other arm lifts up her boobs for a better look. The combination of her jerk-off action, her tongue hanging out of her mouth to catch his ball-beverage, the sight of her delicious hooters and her pleading, longing, yearning expression....all of these things combine to send our XLGirls host over the edge and into a sexplosion. Our man was so impressed by Brandy that hed be happy to fuck her again anytime if she ever returns to Welcome to the big show, Brandy Ryder! Great tits! Running Time 1907
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Cum Filled One-On-One : Were not ashamed to reveal that when your veteran editors saw Mianna, they went fucking berserk. Is this the successor to the great Sammie Black of England, now MIA? Our man Culton should build a temple in XLGirls honor for hooking him up with this incredible chick who is ONLY 18 YEARS OLD!! AWESOME BODY! He studies Miannas amazing chest intently and slowly gets her to remove her halter top and sports bra. Mianna has a very natural smile and doesnt try to play it serious or vamp it up. She has a relaxed personality and is enjoying herself. By the time four minutes rolled around, we were screaming at the screen, Will ya get that bra off her already, for Gods sake! Youre drivin us up a wall! We really, badly, needed to see Miannas tits as soon as possible. She is most definitely a girl youll want to see for a long time to come. Also, shes doing guy-girl action off the snap, something Sammie didnt have the bravado and inner-exhibitionism for. That means no long years of girl-alone pictures and videos, waiting and pondering about Mianna, Will she, wont she? We think Mianna has a great career ahead of her in the big-boob world if she stays at it. She has the right attitude and the right bod.
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Busty Cock Worshipper : Sapphire is feeling herself up over a blue dress. She peels each one of her massive honkers out of their confinement. You can see the marks from her blue bra, which clearly was too tight. Just to show you how large her natural melons are, Sapphire eases over to the dude and tit-fucks his hand before she moves on to his other areas. His hand disappears into her chest. Sapphire undoes his belt, then the button fly and then yanks his member out. Sapphire doesnt mess around, popping it right into her mouth and giving him a blowjob. When Sapphire wraps her treasures around his cock, his tool vanishes. Its easy to see that Sapphire is a pleaser. She enthusiastically bounces her tits up and down the shaft for a good long while, getting ready for the main event. We go right from the tit-fucking to Sapphire being on her back and getting some fuck-strokes. Sapphire loudly voices her appreciation and moans her approval. They try several other positions. Doggie-style goes well, and then Sapphire is on her side as he grabs one leg and lays the pipe that way. Sapphires tits start bouncing around in all kinds of directions. He then gives her cleavage a plowing before they go back to the position that started it all, with Sapphires tits hovering over his package. A little more massaging, and its pop time all over her meaty rack. Running Time 3141
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Shag and Spunk : Carol Brown does her first full-sex hardcore video in over ten years. The British tit-star lives a quiet life these days, no longer traveling to London for Voluptuous magazine as she did in the 90s. Many of her photos from that period are posted here on The first thing thats evident is how big Carols boobs have grown since then. Theyre massive! Gigantic! What beautiful nipples to suck on! A guy would never have to leave his house with Carol at hand. Theyre 34K cups now. I dress to emphasize my breasts at all times, says Carol, a lady who is really into her chest and breast adoration. I wear tight low cut tops every day. If I am going on a night out, I dont wear a bra. I feel that if you have got it, flaunt it. In this video, Carol speaks directly to the camera and tells us that shes doing this by popular demand after she began modeling again last year in the September 08 edition of Voluptuous and earned a wave of letters from old and new fans. So shes invited a guy friend to come over and worship her gazongas, her pussy and her butthole. Carol is really into having her tits licked, sucked and nibbled. She enjoys fingers, toys and cock. Heres a bodacious babe who really knows what she likes in bed and is not hesitant to tell a partner what she wants from him. She probably likes to visit adult shops for porny lingerie and the latest products. How many times have you heard a girl say lick my lovely bum-hole? Not that many! As youll see, Carol likes being man-handled. She can take it and she likes it, and she has a healthy appetite for spunk. Running Time 2220
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Angel Of Sin 2 : Angel Sin is a very horny girl. Her favorite way of masturbating is by rubbing her clit very quickly with her hands and thats what she does in the tub in this XLGirls video. Angel likes to talk hot and dirty with a teasing glint in her eyes. She talks about guys hard cocks rubbing her nipples and breasts, and shooting their loads all over her body. She slaps her tits together and, with direct eye-contact, she talks about guys fucking her tits while she slaps them together. Angel prefers fucking on top so she can smother guys faces with her giant knockers. Theres a whole lotta woman to fuck when youre pounding Angel. Stock up on the zinc and lecithin pills cause youd need em! She truly is an angel of sin...and salvation!
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On The Set With Vicki Nicole : I like guys who appreciate my body and how sexy I am, says Vicki Nicole. In this on-the-set video, Vicki poses for XLGirls and talks about her background. She goes to school and she works as a receptionist for extra money. I like to wear thongs, Vicki says, lifting up her teddy to show it. I dont always wear a bra. I think my tits look pretty hot in a tank top with no bra. I love to go grocery shopping that way and freak out all the soccer moms. I usually wear jeans and a tank-top when I go out. I dress very conservatively at work, usually in pantsuits. Vicki loves modeling and sex, and, as most of you know, has starred in two hardcore XLGirls videos. She always follows instructions and cums...highly recommended!
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Built For Juggin : Dallas Dixon recreates an old-time striptease show in a retro-video homage to the old-school burlesque girls. Do you like my boobs? Dont you want to see them? she asks. Why do some girls ask these questions? Do they think we might say, No! I hate your tits...theyre too big and heavy!! Keep them covered up! OF COURSE, XL Men LOVE Dallas breasts and have since she first contacted us! Her tits are incredible and shes attractive also with a great looking body, sexy legs and feet and a pretty face. Dallas is not a professional model. She has a regular job that she toils at. Its boring and routine. She said she looked at her very chesty body in the mirror many times and thought that guys would like to see her tits, but she never did anything about it until she discovered The SCORE Groups big-boob magazines, DVDs and websites. She obviously loves showing off her body to the camera. We think her talents are really at their best in her hardcore photos and videos if she is paired with a strong male. Her blowjobs are excellent. Dallas could have a hot career in porn if she wanted it. But for now, her only DVDs are Hooter Hospital and Plump and Humped. If Dallas decides to stay at her job and not continue modeling at this point in her life and physical condition, it would be a great loss to boobosexuals. Running Time 1351
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Daphne Carter By A Knockout : Foxy boxer Daphne Carter is no XL Girl to be played with! When she enters the ring, shes prepared to knock the shit out of any poor sap with her knockout knockers. As soon as the bell rings, Daphne is pummeling the much hyped Commando with her swinging bazoomas. The tit-slammed stumblebum didnt have a chance the second the bell went off and takes a breast beating thats sure to worsen his brain damage. And then Daphne throws off the gloves, judo-flips him onto the canvas and fucks the remaining fight out of him. Now thats a foul! Daphnes using her big tits and tight pussy to throw this snatch match. She knows Commando is defenseless against dirty tricks like that! This fight is over by a TKO...a Titty Knock Out. No wonder they say that boxing is the sport of boobs. Running Time 2033
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Meet The Teacher : Big Girl Sex School hits in its entirety for the first time in this special week-long event! One of the all-time wildest and horniest plumper flicks ever made! Almost an entire XLGirls magazine edition 155 was devoted to this movie. In the opener of Big Girl Sex School, Madi Jane, Ivy Dreams, Lovely Libra and Peaches LaRue chat excitedly about meeting their instructor, Miss Shugar, while they are being driven in a van to Big Girl Sex School. Madi Jane is hoping to be a slut like Shugar, who sucked off ten guys according to the rumor mill. Peaches wants Shugar to teach her how to titty-fuck, and so does Libra. While they chatter away, Miss Shugar is getting a breast-sex session with one of her in-house studs at the school. She uses her huge floppy hangers and mouth to please her employees big cock. Chubby sex freak Miss Shugar is a loud screamer so when they fuck, its a good thing there are no neighbors within hearing range. Miss Shugar is a cum swallower and likes her studs to unload their balls in her mouth. Swallowing every drop of goo is a habit for the Texas Tit Sexologist. The girls van pulls up and they walk into Miss Shugars posh estate, as nervous as freshmen pledges should be, for they are about to enter the big leagues of XL Girls fucking and sucking. Here they will be instructed in the finer points of cock worship and trained to unleash their inner slut. The girls arrive a few minutes early, catching Shugar just as she is finishing up. She greets them warmly, wiping the last drops of cum off her lips. The first thing she wants the girls to do is drop off their suitcases, get into their swimsuits and meet her at the pool. Lesson 1 awaits! Running Time 1823
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Bikini-Busting : In the 2nd chapter of the XGirls movie presentation Big Girl Sex School, the four students, Peaches LaRue, Lovely Libra, Madi Jane and Ivy Dreams assemble on the wooden bridge over the swimming pool. For the entire week, they shall be dressed in swimsuits as they have been instructed to by their teacher, Miss Shugar, a Texas-born mistress of plumper sex. The first thing that Miss Shugar wants her class to do is sensuously rub baby oil on each other. Ivy and Madi pair off and Libra and Peaches pair off. This is to train each girl in seductive massage techniques. This shifts to a five woman breast oiling session which cannot be described in words. It must be seen to be believed. Especially the five girl big-ass oiling. Running Time 1626
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Blow Job Class : In the third Chapter of Big Girl Sex School, Ivy, Libra, Madi Jane and Peaches attend Miss Shugars Blow Job Class where they will learn how to properly use their mouths, lips, tongue and throats to service mans gift to women...The Mighty Cock. Cock worship is the goal and a worthy goal it is. As class begins, the girls await with expectant throats and excited chatter. Helping the class is Ashley, one of Miss Shugars hung studs. He will act as the learning tool for this class. The girls are expected to use their huge tits as well as their mouths and saliva. Ivy is first after Miss Shugar begins the class. Then Madi, Peaches and Libra proceed, carefully learning how to expertly suck dick. They enjoy it so much, they dont want to quit. All four girls take part in a cum-extraction that must be seen! Running Time 1658
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Trained To Fuck : In the fourth Chapter of Big Girl Sex School, Ivy Dreams goes to speak to Miss Shugar. It seems that she has some kind of personal issue and she doesnt feel that shes as advanced as the other students. So young, so tender and fleshy, Ivy needs a big dick to train with. Miss Shugar suggests that Ivy try her mouth and pussy on JT, another of her school handymen. Ivy begins by taking his cock in her mouth and sucking it. Miss Shugar stops her and advises that Ivy use more of her body, especially her jugs, to excite and tease a man. She demonstrates the maneuvers herself, then has Ivy take over. Ivy follows instructions, using her chubby, soft body and big tits to build JT up to fever pitch before he gets to pound his stick in Ivys hole. Running Time 2537
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Graduation Day! : Pele Come Garoto, Madi Jane, Peaches and Ivy have enjoyed Miss Shugars school and her instruction about their bodies, their tits, blowjobs and more. Talking during a break, the girls speak their minds, and whats on their minds is getting fucked by a couple of stiff-poled boobhounds. In the 5th and final chapter of Big Girl Sex School, the girls end their week with a bang! Miss Shugar is busy elsewhere so the girls target Shugars two school-studs. If they threw themselves any harder at her two men, the girls would have whiplash. The closing fuck-orgy with the four girls, so eager to get their pussies stuffed, and two born-erect dudes really raises the roof and ranks as one of XLGirls horniest, most pounding moments ever. The way the girls lovingly feast on the cock two girls per man one on balls, one on cock and the way they fuck and talk dirty in a very natural, spontaneous way should have earned them awards instead of the awards going to the overscripted, overacted movies that Pornywood cranks out. Bravo, girls! Running Time 2620
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Bessi in Wide Load Nymphos : First time on, Wide Load Nymphos features a titanic collection of shakin and quakin plumpers and fleshy foxes strokin and smokin that all-beef sausage to their hearts content. In the opener, Czech chubster Bessi gets boffed by a super-horny sex maniac crazed over her tits, ass and belly. Theres no theme, no plot, no story, no set-up, no acting, no pizza guy. Just frantic, bust-the-bed fucking. Were tellin ya, theres got to be some power-nutrient in that Czech beer they brew because these guys screw like jackhammers. Next up Ultra-sexy Simone Staxx! Running Time 1126
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Simone Staxxx in Wide Load Nymphos : Two horny dudes are driving around when they spot hottie Simone Staxxx. She is one fine lady. Simones huge juggies, solidly packed and heavy, are like cum-magnets. Theyre irresistible to the meat compass. One dude talks her into going to his place and she goes because Simone is good to go when she can get laid. She immediately wants to see his junk so he takes it out. She likes what she sees and starts slurping on the sausage within seconds. Simone wants his cock in her cleavage, too, so she lies back on the couch for a complete fucking workout. The other dude just watches and tapes the whole thing so he can play it later and whack off. Theres no finer Wide Load Nympho than Simone Staxxx. Running Time 1745
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Veronika Kougar in Wide Load Nymphos : Wide Load Nympho Veronika Kougar always catches her prey, and her prey is always a horny bastard with a large shaft. Her object of juggy affection here is stunt-cock JT, who was going through his short-lived Taxi Driver phase. Veronika may have caught him and tied him to a rickety warehouse pallet but he easily takes over, having played her game to amuse himself. Once again, representing all tit-men, he proves that cock is king and Veronika must obey the cock or else. Or else she doesnt get it in her throat and greedy cunt like she needs. She seems to have learned her lesson by the time she gets her just dessert, which happens to be cock-custard. Cock must be worshipped or Veronika can go to her room without supper. Running Time 1504
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Toni Evans in Wide Load Nymphos : Now this is one of those girls who need no introduction if youve been a member of XL Girls for any length of time. The great, the magnificent, the stupendous Toni Evans has been one of Britains hottest and dirtiest ultra-voluptuous porn stars since the 90s and she shows no signs of slowing down. Her Voluptuous debut was in the September 96 edition. She loves what she does and sees no reason to stop. Shes kept her body in lovely shape and understands that the cock is king. Porn is her life so Toni is also an adult modeling agent. I usually say to girls Do you fancy earning some extra cash? and then I ask them if theyve got a boyfriend. Boyfriends are usually trouble. I ask Are you into fun and are you open-minded? I know from experience if theyre cute, open-minded and have got a sense of humor, that thats a great combination to make a top porno star! In this fast-paced scene from the DVD Wide Load Nymphos, the velocity of Steves cum squirt straight into Tonis open mouth shocks even Toni, who quickly recovers to lick up the drippings. Running Time 843
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Hayden in Plush Control : Plush Control No story, no plot, no theme. Its just fuckin hot sex with an XL Girls hottie. In this scene, Hayden is all yours. You are in the room with her. The camera is in your hands. You videotape Hayden blowing you. Shes on her knees to service you and drain your balls. This is the best way to photograph a girl sucking and fucking and Hayden is an excellent cocksucker. She licks your dickhead with quick flicks, like her tongue is motorized and she makes those all-important slurping and lip-smacking sounds. Its great how she cups and gently squeezes your balls. She talks while she sucks and that makes it even more exciting. Then she tit-fucks you. Her tits were made to rub cock. Those nipple piercings help to release a hormone that keeps her sexually excited 247. Hayden gets on her knees again so you can fuck her tits more vigorously, just the way you both like it. Now you get to shove it into her tight pussy. First while shes on top so your hard-on can open her up. This makes her flip out. Shes in sexual ecstasy. Then she turns around so you can slap and squeeze her big, meaty ass. You place the camera to the side so you can use both hands to ram it to Hayden in doggie-style. And finally, the capper Hayden gets on her back so you can see her tits wobble, splay and bounce as you fuck her. She stares at you and begs for more thrusting. You slam her good and feel your mercury rising. Your nuts begin to twitch so you must pull out and spray her with your man-sauce. She rubs the goo into her tits and asks you if youre glad you selected her to fuck. Youve fucked her for 27 minutes and 47 seconds so Hayden must have inspired you. Plush Control is available on DVD.
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Kelly Shibari in Plush Control : Plush Control. No story. No plot. No themes. Just hot fuckin sex with an XL Girls hottie. Today Kelly Shibari is all yours. You are alone in the room with this pretty Asian plumper. The camera is in your hands. You are going to videotape yourself fucking Kelly and watching her bob her head up and down on your cock. Youll be popping wood when she sucks on her finger one minute after you start rolling the camera. Kelly loves to stroke cock slowly in her hands. She worships cock like the gift to womanhood it is. Kelly likes to stare into her partners eyes when she blows his dick. This time, you start fucking Kelly with her under you. Her hands are off her tits so you can savor how they splay. You shovel it into her cunt, making her gasp and moan with pleasure. She begs you to spank her clit with your meathammer. Her meaty, chubby body is completely yours. She stares at you and begs for more penetration. You flip Kelly over and jam it in doggie-style which makes her cry out. By now her pussy has been opened up for every inch of your tool. Its time to cream Kelly so you whip it out of her pussy and glaze her big, round butt. She wiggles her ass for your camera, your nut-juice running into the crack of her ass. Youve fucked Kelly for 21 minutes. Well done, sir. You like her a lot but youre fucking a new girl tomorrow so youll mail Kelly a post card when you have time. Plush Control is available on DVD.
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Crystal Clear in Plush Control : Plush Control No story, no plot, no theme. Its just fuckin hot sex with an XL Girls hottie. Youve banged two of them. Now Crystal Clear is your personal property to do with as youve planned. Youre alone in the room with this horny black bra-buster and the camera is in your hands. You are going to videotape yourself screwing Crystal and jizzing her gigantic knockers. Crystal gets on her knees in obedience to suck your dick. Total cock-worship is her life. She blows you with loud slurping noises that sound like shes sucking an orange and she makes that dirty popping sound every time your cock exits her lips. Like her friends, Crystal likes to stare into your eyes when she blows your dick. She wants her tits fucked so she gets on her back. She squeezes her huge flesh bags together engulfing your member and massages it. You bring your cock closer to her pierced tongue and she sucks the head, making that popping sound again. Her huge ass and massive jugs are yours. She stares at you and begs for more. You are in total control. Now, your well-sucked and tit-fucked cock is ready for her pussy. Shes waiting, too. You slam her, fucking the shit out of her, grabbing her soft, chubby body in your hands. This chick needs it hard and fast and she gets it until you blast a load on her ass cheeks. Youve fucked Crystal Clear for 20 minutes and youre exhausted but satisfied. Youd fuck Crystal again but youve got a new babe to meet next. Whos that going to be? The anticipation fills you with energy. Babe 4 awaits next. Plush Control is available on DVD.
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Gia Johnson in Plush Control : Plush Control No story, no plot, no theme. Youve banged three XL Girls hotties in three days. Today you meet a shy, cute girl named Gia Johnson. Gia loves it when guys compliment her lush body. She admires her beauty and rounded, mountainous cleavage and you like that in a girl, right? Shes going to put on a private show for you. Its her first time and now youre all alone in a room with her and the camera is in your hands. Gia will strip and fuck her pussy with toys while you videotape what shes doing for your personal library. You go into the bathroom with Gia. She takes her clothes off and her tits are firm and lush and she has a pretty face. Her voice is syrupy-sweet and ultra-feminine. You pull up a chair inches from her shaved pussy and tell her to finger it. She obeys without hesitation. Then you tell Gia to oil her tits up because you want to see her rub the slick stuff into her tanned boob-flesh. She bathes and reaches for her toys to suck on and to plunge into her sweet pussy. Its a pleasure to see her wash her soapy body in the tub. Gia works you up so you really anticipate the meeting with your next XL date. Her name is Glory Foxxx. Youre going to fuck the shit out of her. Plush Control is available on DVD.
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Glory Foxxx in Plush Control : Plush Control No story, no plot, no theme. Youve banged three XL Girls hotties in three days Hayden, Kelly Shibari and Crystal Clear and directed a fourth Gia Johnson to strip, bathe and masturbate. Today your balls are full again and its time to fuck and Glory Foxxx is your sex toy. Glory is ready, willing and able to suck your cock and open her pussy for fucking, you just have to say the word. Like any good XL Girl, she fucks and sucks while gazing into your eyes for approval. First, you stick your rod between Glorys massive jugs. You allow her to tit-fuck and hand-jack your dick. Now you want your cock and balls sucked and Glory obeys, leaving saliva strings from your dick to her lips. A nice gooey blow-job expert is just what you need so she spits on your cock and slurps it up, licking the shaft and head. Her mouth goes down on your shaft, nearly getting all of it down her throat. Her spit lubricates your cock for her handwork as she strokes it. This chick is a great cock-worshipper and knows who the boss is. Now its time to fuck. Glory spreads her pussy lips back for easier cock-penetration and after a warm-up, you ram it on home, your thighs slapping together loudly while she cries out for more. And now that you and Glory have fucked, she wants the contents of your manhood and begs to see you spurt your juice all over her body. She pleads and she asks and when you determine that Glory has begged enough, you let her have your ball-batter to her girly pleasure and your satisfaction. Later, youll sit back and reflect upon who banged you the best the past week. Was it Glory? Crystal? Hayden? Kelly? They were all delightful. You can decide later, if you do at all, when you play back your videos and take pride in the fucking you have given each of these sexy dishes. Plush Control is available on DVD.
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Rose Valentina in How To Bang A Baby Doll : Rose Valentina was a blonde baby doll when and Rose first hooked up. Now shes a brunette baby doll. Hair color aside, Roses heavy, mouthwatering jugs have stayed the same and thats really the name of the game. Iwas nervous when I first came to The SCORE Group but Igot the hang of it, Rose admits. The more I did it, the more Iliked it. And now Ive come this far. This is way better than working in an office! Thats right! Unfortunately, there are few offices that let their employees take their clothes off. This is Roses first XXX video for To begin, Rose signals Carlos to come over and start suckin on her sensitive nipples. Rose likes breast suction. She gets a finger stickin too while hes licking those heavy melons. Rose takes his stiffening rod in her mouth, sucking on it like its a candy bar. She wants a solid, hard ramming on her hands and knees. She gets doggie-style first, followed by sidesaddle, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl banging. One look tells a man that Roses tits were meant to be jizzed on. Her jiggling, quivering 42HHH-cups inspire a copious amount of gonad-glue applied generously to her nipples and surrounding breastflesh. Check out Roses first feature film DVD for XLGirls, My Big Plump Wedding starring Samantha, Maria Moore, Sapphire and Cassie Blanca. The trailer can be seen in the eBoobStore.
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Lush and Curvy : Lola Lush. She absolutely is. In this XLGirls video, Lolas current boyfriend is a lazy, disturbed couch potato who is more interested in watching a game on TV than making her happy. And Lola is a real tomato herself. Shes hungry but she has to keep on him to order her a pizza. He finally calls it in after she badgers him enough. Once Lola has had her fill of pie, she offers her own pie to him. Now that the game is over, Lola, horny to eat cock, goes down on his sausage for a feast of prick. Her blowjob technique is very good. She goes down the shaft, and doesnt just suck the head, and she rubs and squeezes his nuts at the same time. A girl who knows everything she wants and gets it, she tells her BF to drop his pants and come get it. A hot fuck, she has great moves and gives as good as she gets as she gets fucked in doggie, an ass-showcasing cowgirl, side-saddle and missionary. After he drops his load on her tits, she hungrily licks up the semen. The girls a true gourmand. Look for more Lola Lush coming soon! Running Time 1358
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Sapphire In Bikini Busters : Sapphire as a Bikini Buster. Could any XL Girl destroy a bikini like her? The mental image alone could reduce the strongest breast and ass lover to a quivering mass of jelly, like Tony Titlover, Sapphires cock provider for this fuck fling. Sapphire shows her new extreme-string swimsuit to Tony and he loses control of himself in a few seconds, reduced to a blubbering mass of rigid erectitude. He must suck her tawny nipples like a man-baby transformed by the spectacle of Sapphires bikini stretching. He removes Sapphires bikini quickly, perhaps too quickly! Let the girl model for a while. Sticking his face in her ass crack only stiffens his pole. Sapphire licks his balls and rod like the good girl she is. Thats right, Sapphire, savor the rich meaty goodness of man. Its healthy for you. Tony just loses his mind completely and screws the redheaded vixen like hes going to the electric chair tomorrow. He paws her creamy pale skin, losing his sanity with each stroke and dip into her honey-sweet pussy.
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Kitti Campbell in Bikini Buster : Bikini Buster 2 Kitti says I like to dress conservatively during the day but show enough for guys to want to see more of my giant titties. In private, I like to dress slutty. A bikini isnt really a slutty outfit anymore but when a girl has the right kind of body, anything she wears thats remotely sexy gets slutty real fast. And we wouldnt have it any other way. Whats so hot about a business suit or an evening gown? Give us string bikinis ready to be ripped to shred by the sheer force of an XL Girls curves. Kitti is ready to go out as we open this chapter of Bikini Busters. She has dressed accordingly, and shows incredible cleavage. But her pal wants more. He wants her to dress in a skimpy bikini that hes selected. The man is a true boob-dog as are all of us. Kitti thinks shes not going to fit into it but shes willing to give it a try, with a grin. He asks her to take off her bra from the bottom so her tits can just flop out. This is a great sight. Kitti strips down and changes into her pink extreme bikini. Her pal wants to rub oil into her huge tits and she happily obliges. Whoa! Beach plans are quickly abandoned because this dude needs to get sucked off and then he wants to fuck the shit out of Kitti. Screw the beach. Go get her, dude. Drive her hard and park her wet. Kitti doesnt mind not getting sand in her pussy...she prefers man-meat instead, anytime.
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Ana Andersen in Bikini Busters : Ana in a bikini? Good enough to eat or at least lick like a girl lollipop. Tony Titlover must have a deal with the boob god. First he nails Sapphire and now.... Hes taking a swim minding his own business when Ana brings her towel, her bikini and her blanket to the pool. Shes friendly and chatty right off the snap. Could Tony rub oil on her back? Does a wolf like lamb? Her body language is giving off all the signals. Arched back. Cheery smile. Direct eye contact. Opening and closing legs. Shes posed like shes posing for a photograph. Boys, Ana is ready to be plucked. Just gotta play the game and his cards the right way and Ana is Tonys next hook-up. The second he touches her back with oil, shes moaning how good it feels. This is like taking candy from a baby. A bikini baby. Now she wants him to oil her chest! Well, here we go! Whats special about this episode of Bikini Busters, besides Ana, is the underwater footage and the in-water tit-fucking and blowjob. Its better fucking on land so they get back on the deck for a steamy fuck in different positions. This is a water-boiling scene starring a novice sexbomb with a very pretty face, pretty pussy, plush body and pierced nipples. Surprisingly, Ana never did any other videos besides Bikini Busters. Thats a shame. She looked like she enjoyed the facial that Mr. Titlover rewarded her with.
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Dusty Rose In Bikini Busters : Busty and mature Dusty Rose loves to turn it up. Have you ever seen such monstrous, big-boy titties? she brags, making direct eye-contact. Dustys into it, fingering her bikini. Her fuck friend in this chapter of Bikini Busters has a high-energy cock chore coming up but he was chosen because he can handle a highly-sexed woman like Dusty. Like those? I know you wanna fuck my hot, juicy tits. Dusty pours suntan oil on her tits after moving her top to the side. Our cameraman swoops in for an extreme close-up of her nipples dripping with oil. Dusty dumps the whole bottle over her chest and ass! She climbs into the whirpool and soaks waiting for the arrival of Johnny Rod. Dusty watches lots of porn, raunchy porn, not chick-light porn, so she thinks about sex constantly. Porn sex, not romantic erotica. She likes seeing dirty sluts swallow huge cocks and watching hung studs fuck the shit out of horny porn bitches. Dusty said she worked in a porn store so she used to look at videos and magazines all day. Dusty wants to be the dominant, demanding one. But shes also the type who doesnt like wimps and signs of weakness. She gets off calling men bitches. So a dirty-talking dickslinger who wants to ram her cunt and cover her in cum is the best type of man for her. A guy who will tell her to Suck that fucking cock. She relates to the controlling approach that Johnny takes. Reverse psychology at work. The tub is too hot for good fucking and aggressive sex positions so they move to Dustys hotel room. Its not just the sex that gets Dusty worked up. Its the act of making a porn video that gets her pussy juices flowing. An experienced porn stud, Johnny teaches Dusty all the tricks she may not have not caught watching porn he tells her to spit on his cock for better titty fucking, moves a hand thats blocking the view of her sucking and instructs her on how to suck balls with feeling. Dusty repeatedly asks Johnny to fuck her tits and fuck them hard. She doesnt like her tits spanked with his hand but he can club them with his cock. Dustys really into breast-sexing and sucking dick as it emerges through her cleavage towards her mouth. You dont see wild, extremely verbal women like Dusty Rose that often in any genre of video. As we head into the next and last chapter of Bikini Busters, Dusty stokes up the boob-o-sexual heat by quite a few degrees not sweet and girly like Ana Anderson but much nastier and raunchier.
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Kountry Gal In Bikini Busters : And so we come to the last chapter of the DVD Bikini Busters. Sapphire is the girl who went from Voluptuous to XLGirls. Her body progression was documented over time because shes been a yearly guest at our studio. Kitti Campbell is the woman-next-door who coaxed a large amount of ball-bearing fluid out of her bootycall. Ana Andersen is the one-time-only wonder who made one steaming hot video and dropped out of sight. Dusty Rose is the mature, dirty-mouthed bikini killer who loves getting her tits banged repeatedly. And now we close out with the biggest, heaviest XL Girl of this group, Kountry Gal from Tennessee. As we open, Tony Titlover, Sapphires former stud, is waiting for Kountry Gal to come out of the bathroom. Hes asked her to model a string bikini for him. They quibble. She really doesnt want to wear it. But he wants her to. She tells him to close his eyes and not to peek when she comes out. Why do all girls say this? Whats closing your eyes for a few seconds going to accomplish? How different is she going to look from one second to the next? Be that as it may, Tony complies and Kountry comes out in a bathrobe which she discards to show her bikini. A sight that must be seen. Hes already hard when she gets down on her knees, topless, to suck his cock and balls. Tony gives Kountry practical instructions in oral...the man knows how he likes his cock pleasured...although this porn dude thing about tapping the cock like a hammer...well, we still dont understand it. Anyway, Kountry, like her namesake, is eager to please and does everything he says. After an extended blowjob and tit-fuck, he rams his cock into her pussy like a piston, fucking her in doggie and missionary. And then, in an impressive show of lower-back muscle strength, he fucks her while she squats on him in a kneeling cowgirl position and then in reverse cowgirl. Its one of the most eye-popping fuck scenes in XL Girls history. Kountry is ready for manly moonshine after this epic drilling so Tony taps his keg and the stuff splatters Kountrys mouth and chest. And with this, Bikini Busters draws to a close. We hope youve enjoyed this movie at and if you have any ideas for future videos involving bikinis, babes and boobs, please send them along to
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Titanic Modeling : This XL Girls video introducing Selena Castro will explain why men become artists. So dont fall for all that crap about art being a socio-theoretical discipline of modern multi-polar society using the application of design and color theory in its representational reflections. Huh? Men become artists to enjoys lots of tits, pussies and cabooses. Thats it. Know what we mean? Here youll see Selena posing for the great artist Handsy. She gets so worked up that she needs to cum right then and there. Weve seen this before. Posing gets a models hormones bubbling. Now about Selena. She wants to be a porn star. She masturbates in her shower. Thats really why they invented hand-held shower heads. She doesnt wear a bra when she goes to sleep. She considers herself a girly girl. I dress girly, says Selena. I love pink and I always have to have pink on me. I love wearing sexy clothes and getting attention from every guy. I like being the kind of girl that you notice when youre driving past me or looking me over at the next table in a restaurant, says Selena. My favorite kind of date is a blind date. I love good surprises! So do we, Selena. Running Time 1920
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Jade Parker in Decorate My Man Cave : Sexy XL Girl Jades hired to redo Colton Jags house. She looks around and sees that she can do a few things to make it more liveable. Even though he slips out that hes married, that doesnt deter Jade. She comes on strong and suggests that he pick out furniture that matches the color of her bra...she shows him by dropping her sweater under her bra. Colton backs up against a wall but Jade bumps against him. Wifeys away and his brain melts after seeing Jades very large mounds of joy. Jade likes her tits manhandled and shes not shy about urging him on, even if hes on the timid side himself. She teases his cock through his underwear with her hands and swinging hooters. There are tits and there are tit-fuckin tits and Jades tits are definitely the kind you slide your hard dick between on the way to her mouth and pussy. Jades aggressive. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. And what Jade wants is for Culton to fuck the shit out of her because she likes getting rammed. Jade makes her XL Girls magazine debut in 187, on sale July 09. Running Time 2353
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Tits In Tight Tops and Bras : You know whats one of the most hypnotic sounds in the world? The sound of bra straps snapping and the rustling sound of fingers rubbing against the fabric of a womans bra as she adjusts her precious cargo within the soft cups. Jelenas a very expressive woman, a writer as well as a model, and shes very comfortable speaking on video from her years as a web-cam babe. I love to be naked, hot and naughty, and I do look fabulous being naked, Jelena says. But the BEST thing is for me to wear a tight bra and a tight top. Nothing can be better than that! This XLGirls video is a long one with a running time of nearly 30-minutes. Jelena loves tight, tiny, nipple-kissing tops and tight, colorful brassieres and shes your top-modeling hostess, taking us into her personal wardrobe for a breast-packed show. Jelena wants her tits to look their best and she makes sure of it! Men, especially breast-men, cant help but gawk and love to check her out when shes out of the house. Females who dont know her give her nasty, envious looks. Jelena takes it all in stride. Shes busty and proud.
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Reyna Mae In Plump Desires : What is Reyna Maes plump desire? Her sexual fantasy combines power and sex. She desires to be the executive of a company. She wants the ultimate sexual power over her employees. Male employees with thick pricks. She wants her own corporate stable of male studs she can fuck and suck whenever she wants to. Reyna orders Mr. Butgers into her office for a reprimand and things escalate. She tells him to sit there and not do anything while she strips, gives him her nipples to suck, takes his hard-on in her mouth for a slow, expert suck-job and lowers her vag onto him. Reyna proceeds to show why her sex skills deserve an engraved trophy from the Voluptuous XL Institute of Business Leadership. You dont think this could happen? You think this is just a fantasy? In a bizarre case in 2004, a female employee at a fast food restaurant in Kentucky was ordered to perform sex acts in a back room. Theres also no doubt that female bosses seduce many male employees. Of course, they all dont look as hot as Reyna Mae. The difference is that Mr. Butgers enjoys every second of his instructions and eventually takes control of Reynas body proving that female big shots in the business world are never a match for the authority of the cock, no matter how many job titles they are given. The man is still the king and must be obeyed by women. This is natures law and nature always wins in the end. Running Time 2703
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Plump Desires Karlee Adams : What is Karlee Adams Plump Desire? Karlee is a sales and events coordinator for a hotel. She enjoys it but the idea of being fucked really hard by a breast-loving stranger she would never see again is an even more enjoyable prospect for her. XL Girls aimed to bring Karlees fantasy to reality and make her happy. Because we are the dreammakers for our models. JT spends a lot of time and lovin on Karlees huge tits. She sucks his cock hard and then he tit-fucks her as she kneels. They move to the couch. She gets on her back and he begins fucking her. Karlee loves the feeling of fullness in her pussy that his pipe brings. She fucks him cowgirl, riding hard. He spins her around takes her from behind, ramming her as hard as he can. She wants his cum on her chest so he obliges by spraying her boobs. Karlee rubs it into her hooters, offering them to the camera as if they were a gift...which her tits are.
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Plump Desires Keama Kim : Keama Kim pronounced Kee-Ma says shes the quiet type. She likes to dress up when she goes out and shows off her fine, deep cleavage. Keamas hobby is collecting antiques, vintage clothes and other items. She claims she likes nerds. Her biggest fantasy is to be dominated by a tall stranger--something Keama lives out in this installment of Plump Desires. Ashley the pizza delivery guy serves that purpose. Keama hops on his lap so he can play with her 38F-cups and finger her sweet pussy. He sucks her pierced nipples. She kneels before him to squeeze her huge tits while sucking him hands-free, then she gets tit-fucked. Keama admitted that she likes being dominated and that a stranger could fulfill the kind of submissive fantasies she harbors. She wants to be impaled on a huge cock and never see the guy again after he cums all over her. Watch what happens.
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Plump Desires Vicki Nicole : Vicki Nicoles Plump Desire is to ride the baloney pony the cowgirl way. A woman like Vicki needs a pistolero to shoot her huge jugs with his ball bullets so one was rustled up. By the time her fantasy is finished, shell be saddled, ridden hard and put away wet, her pussy well-broken in by the long dong of the same cowpoke who busted a nut all over Keama Kim in a previous chapter. How their hard pounding fuck didnt destroy the bedframe is a miracle because it sounds like its about to come down any minute. After their wild buckin, Vicki earns her cowgirl reward, all over her tits. She laps the cum off her jugs and lets him know what a fine job he did stickin it to her. If you love the really big babes and enjoy being breast-smothered, Vicki Nicoles your woman. But maybe youd better not wait too long...Vicki says shes getting into a diet and weight training regimen! Who knows what the future will bring?
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Plump Desires Samantha : Now here is truly a woman who needs no or very little introduction in Voluptuous and XL Girls. The great Samantha has a long list of magazine and video credits, her latest being the feature movie My Big Plump Wedding with Sapphire, Maria Moore, Cassie Blanca and Rose Valentina. Sams episode in Plump Desires doesnt play out any particular personal fantasy. Ive done everything I wanted to do in my twenties, says Samantha talking about sex. Its just a hot, no-plot fuck scene with lots of titty lovin and pussy-stickin with Samantha looking and behaving every inch the sex kitten. But she doesnt watch porn videos at home. I dont want to be influenced by anyone elses performances, Sam explained. When you go to a strip club, all the girls dance alike because they all watch each other and pick up each others moves. If I watched porn, I might pick up on other peoples moves, and I dont want to do that. You mimic things even if you dont realize it. When youre a little kid, you mimic the adults around you until you learn things for yourself. It would be the same watching porn. What a babe!
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Dawn Davenport in Rated X For SeX : Her blonde curls. Her blue eyes. Her alabaster skin. Her plush body. Her 38DD-cups. Dawn Davenport is a living XL Girls doll. The kind of doll youd win playing a carny game. First times a charm for Dawn as she plays the big skinflute in her first XL Girls pictorial and video! Rejoice, tits and ass men! Dawn says shes a swinger with a high-heel fetish. She loves buying and wearing fuck-me shoes, all the time. Her sexual fantasies are scenes that involve a loss of control, giving herself up totally to a girl or a man or both. When she masturbates, she thinks about a girl licking her pussy while a guy fucks her hard. Sum it all up and shes a more than interesting girl to get to know and were happy shes bouncing on the bedsprings here at! She was hot, horny and good to go when the camera lights were flipped on!
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Cum For Hillary Hooterz : College hottie Hillary Hooterz has an exam coming up so shes pretending to go along with the plan and cram but the only cramming shes got on her horny little mind is to get this dude to cram his shaft between her tits and inside her warm, pink snatch. If he thinks shes going to study, hes nuts. This pretty plumper chick wants gyno, not chemistry, lessons. Dude, put the fucking book down and give her the sausage. What does he want, an engraved invitation to suck on those big, fat jugs? He finally gets the message and the tit-sucking and tubesteak eating begin. Hillary has a seductive, horny BJ technique and gets down pretty far along the shaft. Shes worshipful with good eye contact and looks like she naturally enjoys getting her mouth meated. Miss Hooterz licks shaft and nuts well and knows when to drool on the cock. When shes fucked in her pussy, shes compliant and follows his lead. She seems to enjoy screwing slow and hard. All in all, a fine little fuck toy, fresh, not sleazy or slutty. Were very happy at that Hillary Hooterz decided to show her tits and bang the schlong. Because of that, she was chosen to be part of the hot newcomer cast of an upcoming XLGirls DVD super-movie co-starring Renee Ross, Selena Castro, Scarlett Rouge, Camelia Davis and Haydee Rodriguez in her first hardcore XXX. Thats right, Haydee Rodriguez. Is this a great world or what?
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Anul Fullfilment : One of XLGirls.coms resident cock-surrogates wants to fuck Lola Lush bad. But before he gets to shove his dick up her ass, he wants to savor her lush body. He asks Lola to try on some outfits like shes his own personal living fuck doll to dress and undress. This is how all fuckable women should be handled. A man may never own his own business or own his own land but he can own his own properly trained woman or women in his bedroom. The first item for Lola is a tube dress that fits her fuckin hot body like a second skin. The next is another skin-tight dress, this one gold with straps. While Lola tries on a ridiculously a small top that looks like a fancy bra or bikini top and a tiny skirt that she needs a shoehorn to fit around her butt, Colton tells Lola that hes going to put his cock in her ass. She plays tease but she knows her asshole is going to be filled with his hot-beef injection because shes done it before and shell do it again. Lola gets into a very sexy babydoll position--on her tummy, feet in the air--and sucks his bone. The couple swing into another position and Lola goes down again. Anxious to fuck, he doggies her from behind, then fucks her missionary-style in her clacker, as the Australians call the butthole. Lola applies a vibe on her tingling pussy and swollen clitty while Levi cornholes her butt to a loud orgasm. As a parting gift, he squirts his seed into her anus. Lola proudly turns her ass to the camera so everyone can see her brown-eye filled with jizz. She is indeed a spunky girl.
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BlackDiesel Fucked Me! : Cassie Blancas never been fucked by a dick like the one Shane Diesels got, 10 inches by 8 inches in circumference. Most women can barely get their mouths around it and suck more than a few inches. Its just too fuckin big. Over at, German porn star Annina tangled with Diesel and she couldnt get it down her throat either. After some tit-chat with XL Girls master of ceremonies, whos refereeing this match, the action begins. Diesel trains Cassie in how he likes his cock sucked and stroked. He licks Cassies cunt to wet it up, then turns her on her knees, ass up, and impales her to the root. Her face is buried in the sofa cushion as Diesel goes about his work, pounding his ten inches into her. Cassie can take it all in her pussy! Her first big, black cock is the monster python of Shane Diesel. She sure didnt start off the easy way! Diesel has her sit on it in a reverse-cowgirl before stuffing her sideways. Again, she takes all of his shaft in her snatch. She asks for his cum and he obliges, dismounting and shooting a load on her 30 pound 44G tits. As Cassie holds up her dripping sucklers, pleased with herself and rightly so, shes asked by the master of ceremonies if shell fuck more black dudes in the future. You could pretty much bet on it after this encounter. And Diesel has no complaints either after boring into her cunt like a drill.
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Breast Xperiment : Scarlett needs a check-up and she gets the very finest in her debut video on Thats right! A first-time video cherry poppin takes place at this gynos office. Big-titted and lovely, Scarlett needs no health insurance with this doctor. Hell take trading stamps for a crack at this luscious babe. Hell do it on credit. Before the action began on this video, Scarlett told an editor Actually, I dont think that Ive ever had a true boob man, confesses Scarlett, a college coed. Most guys I am with are not that into tits so they dont really cum on them. Most men are about asses where I am from. They are just into asses and pretty faces. But I try and convert them with my tits. Most guys want to cum on me. I like it, actually. But I love to eat cum. I swallow. I like to swallow cum. I think it tastes good. And sometimes I like to dress up as a schoolgirl or whatever for the guy I am fucking. I like it when they spank me and all that. I have a thing for a man in uniform so sometimes I have a sailor costume that I have men put on for me when we are going to have sex. I love that.
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Bazooms and Bubbles : Janet Jade is one of the best big-boobed girls of the decade. Her tits are beautiful and perfect. But Janet doesnt think so even though we insist they are. I guess I dont like that I cant wear just anything, like the cute tube tops and the cute bras, she said. They just dont fit, and if I tried to wear them, Id be falling out all over the place. What I like about them? I dont know. They look good in most clothes. Guys like them, which is good. We need more allies in our quest to make Janet understand her boobs are blessed and we need to keep enjoying them!
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Meet Renee Ross! : Renee shops at Lane Bryant for bras. In this video, she tries on different pairs while we all marvel at the sight. That store Lane Bryant always has what I need, online, said Renee. They make everything. Every now and again, I will find something in the store but it is really time-consuming to look through the shelves and try and find something. I used to wear underwire and then I switched to the ones that were all cloth and now, I am back to wearing underwire again. I switched back. I just like it cause it gives me more back support and thats important. I mean, sometimes underwire hurts, but I will take back support over that. Renees beautiful chest precedes her. My boobs call a lot of attention to me, but I just ignore it. Men are more shocked by my boobs than anything else. That usually means that they stare, but they never come up and say something to me. Good! Dont talk to strangers, Renee. Welcome to the big show! Running time 2247
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Samantha VS Black Diesel : Not since the late John Holmes has a guy literally shoveled his cock into a pussy like Shane Diesel does. His ten inches of python-pork is almost matched by his monstrous eight inches of circumference. This dude truly owns a cunt stretcher. Thats made him a sought-after and highly-paid performer in the porn world. This time, for the first time on XLGirls, the great Samantha38G opens her mouth and pussy to the Diesel dude. As youll see in this exclusive video available only on XLGirls if you see it on a non-SCORE Group website without an XLGirls logo, youre watching a fake, Samantha takes as much as she can of the beast in her pussy. The giant-boobed babe proves that she can hold her own paired with a giant-dicked man. A lot of women would say not in my cookie! but Sam is game! If anything, this is a super-curiosity piece!
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Deep-Cleavaged Bellydancer : Red-haired Miss Isabelle has many talents and skills. One of those skills is her hip-swiveling, belly-shaking, boob undulating belly dancing. In this new video, Miss Isabelle Deep-Cleavage Bellydancer, you will see her go beyond bellydancing as she strips off her costume to gyrate her huge tits. Our cameraman hits the ground and shoots up, capturing the heavenly sights as she dances above. She really slaps her butt-cheek hard too. It sounds like a whip cracking. When Isabelle is done with her dance of delight, she finds her battery-operated chick-stick and gives herself a massive, shuddering orgasm, then looks into the camera while she licks the vibrator straight out of her wet pussy. No doubt that it tasted sweet. Running Time 1732
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Big Boob Camp : Alix Lakehurst. Huge, fat tits. Big, meaty, slappable butt. She is the complete package. Were with Alix as she attempts to repair this old, decrepit camper to fulfill her dream of creating a big boob camp where busty nymphos can roam free. Alix describes the tools of her trade that she keeps tucked in her tool belt. Is she the best tool-belt girl ever? Shes also got a funny-looking pink tool in that belt that doesnt look approved by the union. Adding to the fun is the fact that Alix is great at sexy talking. When she says something hot and horny, you feel as if she is directly talking to you. Theres no way she could work with a crew. Theyd never get any work done! Theyd be too busy either trying to fuck her in the portable bathroom or theyd be jacking. And its too dangerous handling power tools with her tits in your face. Youd be staring at her floppy jugs and drive a nail into your foot. Alix Lakehurst. Chicago labor at its breast! Running Time 1528
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Kandis Retro Lingerie : Kandi Kobain wants more. She wants to pose more. She wants to make more hardcore XXX fuck videos. She wants it all. And now shes back on XLGirls to prove it. This time, shes stuffed her hot body into old-school lingerie. Women dont wear compression-style girdles anymore. They went out with womens lib in the late 60s. But Kandi thinks theyre fun and sexy. Likewise the long gloves and all the other accessories like her hot stockings. Very sexy. Her cock provider likes it too but hes more interested in her mouth, big, fleshy tits, slap-it ass and tight, wet concha. They get it on with lust and horny energy. Every thrust into Kandis cunt sends a jolt of electricity throughout her overheated body. Her fans will be losing their loads over this one! Who could resist her? Shes ready, willing and spreadable. Running Time 1920
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Big Titty Kitty Pt. 1 : Tony should thank us for setting him up with Kitty Lee. Hes gotten to stick his cock into a lot of XL and Voluptuous Girls because of us. Girls like Sapphire, Chavon Taylor when she was heavier, Miranda, Samantha Sanders, Annie Swanson...the A-list goes on. When this video opens, Kitty and Tony have just gotten back to the studio from dinner and Kitty is already accusing him of staring at her boobs at the restaurant the whole time. Kitty Lee must be PMSing or just in a bitchy mood if shes annoyed over her date staring at her tits. Tony tells Kitty she likes to flaunt her jugs, which he likes a woman to do. Kitty claims her tits are not that big. Tony tells her shes in denial. Kitty seems to not like being bossed around by a dude but Tony likes to be the boss during sex as every real man does. Their bickering is like foreplay and gets them horny. They both strip off and Tony starts fucking her tits. Kitty calls him a dirty man but the fact is she, like most women, likes filthy, aggressive, hypersexual guys even if she wont come out and say so. Kitty loves their swollen cocks in her mouth and between her cleavage. She likes nasty, horny guys who love drooling over her big tits. Isnt that why shes making porn videos with guys shes just met? She likes raunchy porn sex, not lovey-dovey sex. Kitty is a true-blue sex kitten, a fleshy, horny girl living up to her name. To be continued in Part 2! Stay tuned!
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Big Titty Kitty Pt. 2 : Tony urges Kitty to say dirty things as he tells her how to pleasure his rigid cunt-drill. She drives him crazy by giving him a great blow job and submitting her cleavage to his cock. She has true cock sucking lips and an experienced throat that has been stuffed by many dicks. Tony is like a wild man and doesnt know what to do next with Kittys wet pussy, slurpy mouth and giant tits. There are so many options and ideas. The meat-man orders her around in his usual style as he pumps her cunt, first in missionary position, then in side-saddle and in reverse cowgirl. For one final position, he drills her doggie-style and pounds her hard. Kitty can take it. Shes no 98-pound weakling. Her cunt lips stick to his cock as he pushes in and pulls out. Tony tells her to say she wants his man-seed sprayed on her tits. He needs to hear this. As soon as Kitty says it, he jerks his meat all over her lovely fat jugs and drops a load. We dont know if Kitty and Tony ever hooked up again but it looks like they had fun fucking here.
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My Underwear Is Fun To Wear : Haydee Rodriguez puffs on a cigarette, rubbing her enormous jugs over and under her retro-styled hooter-harness. She looks like some hot skirt from the 1940s waiting for a private dick to enter her dressing room. Feels good, she moans, between puffs. She licks her nipple, stubs out her smoke and says that her boobies are dry. They need lotion. As Haydee moisturizes her knockers, our camera dives in for a closer look. She loves a cock between her boobies and to drive the point home, rubs one arm between her mounds. would like to nominate Haydee for an Areolae Award. We dont have one yet but its not a bad idea. Haydees areolae are pancake-sized and dark brown. Very sexy. No cock for Haydee tonight so shes going to have to take matters into her own soft hands. Her vibration stick will finish her tingling pussy off once shes close to cumming hard. Watch for more Haydee coming soon.
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Toys For Twats : Blanka went from zero to sixty. Blanka enjoys toying herself, and what gets her off even more is when theres a photographer in the room. I come from a very conservative family, says Blanka. My father and my brother would think I was a slut if they knew about this. But they do not look at sexy magazines or websites. They read mechanics magazines and go to sleep at 8 p.m.! Blanka does have a mean streak. We wrote about it a few years ago and well repeat her story. The photographer was a gentleman but I saw he had a big erection when I played with my tits so I teased him, said Blanka. I played a big joke on him. I said if he took good pictures of me, I would suck his dick in the bathroom. Then when the photos were done, and he went to the bathroom, I got dressed and left to go to my hotel!
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Tits As Big As Mountains : Since Diana doesnt speak English, weve made the extra effort to subtitle her conversation in this new video shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This video will tell you everything you need to know about Diana and her massive jugs, and its all straight out of her pretty mouth. Shes proud of her 34HH tits and to us, that makes her a shining example for all huge-boobed chicks. Fortunately for everyone, Dianas not only proud of her tits, she likes showing them off to us! Let us know what you think of Diana and this innovative video! It has everything titty-talk, bras, sweaters, breast and nipple play, toying, all embossed with the unique SCORE style thats always imitated, never equalled. Running Time 2044
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Gaggin For A Shaggin : Gwen Etoile is one of the horniest ladies weve had in and this fresh, hot video proves it again. In fact, she seems to drive men to madness, not just with her sexual talents but with her sheer charisma that radiates off the screen. How else can a letter like this be explained? I know this might sound crazy, but Im totally in love with Gwen Etoile, writes T.M. Do you think shed give me a chance? Although theres one hitch-- I have another girl. She is a beautiful gypsy woman so I dont think Gwen would mind. Hopefully she is not the jealous type. If I could have just one wish fulfilled, it would be that Gwen, my girlfriend and I would never be apart. There must be a special church to marry us all. And during the reception, I could sing love songs to the both of them. At night we could all sleep together and in the morning my gypsy girl would make breakfast while I sing to both of my lovely ladies. Well, we cant speak for Gwen but we think she enjoys playing the field, enjoying lots of different cocks and isnt ready for a singing gypsy marriage just yet! But thats the effect she has on guys! Just watch this video!
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Cocked and Choaded : Kelly Shibari! How great is she? How hot can she get? In this video, Kelly is your hostess as she fucks and sucks on hard man-meat. Its like a guided tour of Kellys curves and sweet spots! Watch as Kelly makes love to the cock with her slurpy mouth, juicy tits and fuckable pussy. This is a gal who loves sexing, the hotter the better, the longer the wetter! Visit the SCORELAND blog for a video of Kelly Shibari speaking to Voluptuous editor. Once you get there, just type Kellys name in the search box and the interview will appear. Running Time 2044
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Cum On Lovely : Unless youre brand new to and dont know all the girls yet or what they have accomplished in the magazine, this website and the DVDs, you should know this gal. Lovely Libras one of the stars of the big feature movie Big Girl Sex School. Libra loves cock, the bigger the better. I like big dick, says Libra. I need sex at least three times a day. My favorite sex position is from behind. I like a big man with a big dick to really give it to me from behind. That really hits the spot and makes me cum like a fountain. I like a man who is assertive and horny because Im a submissive woman and I need to be bossed around. I like a guy who can handle me. All women do. They may not say it but its true. Why do you think women buy those paperbacks with covers of women being swept off their feet by a strong man? Women only respect a man who can handle her. I dont want a geek in my bedroom. He should be nice but firm. What the man says, goes. But he has to be horny and be the boss. Give me a big, hard dick, like the guys in Big Girl Sex School, and Im happy. If I cant get it, I can wait.
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Make It A Slippery Nipple : Sexy bartender Gia Johnson performs an ass-slapping exotic dance behind the bar as the XLGirls special movie Brick House Brawds kicks off. Horny barfly Johnny is the only customer in the place on a dead afternoon. Gias body filling out her tight, green dress drives him crazy. A smiling Gia returns the attention. The vibes are right and bars are sexy joints. He undos her top to expose and admire her tits which she says are E-cups. She lets him suck and palm them, enjoying the attention. This is a great bar! In Coyote Ugly, the bartenders dance on the bar. In this bar, the guys get to play with the bartenders boobs and butts! Gia drops into a kneeling pose to suck Johnnys engorged member and from this angle, her tits look really huge. Holding the back of her head, he fucks her open mouth, wiping his fuck-stick on her tongue. He tells her to spit on it. That makes her laugh. She keeps sucking. His cock buries itself between her boobs. She squishes them together to increase the pleasure-pressure on his cock. Gias tits should be fucked well. Anything less would be a crime against breasts. Then comes the million-dollar question that doesnt need to be asked. Do you want to fuck me? Gia asks. They move to the couch where shes stripped to full nudity and placed in a doggie pose. He slips his meat between her round buttcheeks and into her beautiful cunt to pound her hard. He has her flip around and lay on her back for a new fuck position. Holding her ankles up in the air, Johnny rams into Gias pussy. The wet, slapping sounds of their fucking fill the room. Gia cums and is ready for nut-liqueur, which he is pleased to dispense all over her tits and hair. Theyve totally enjoyed their barroom blitz. Brick House Brawds is available on DVD.
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Epic Boob Sex With Lady Snow : Lady Snow is the quiet, obedient type. Shed rather show than tell so she starts off by swinging and dangling her GG cups all over the room, then she shakes, bumps and grinds her rounded bubble-butt in your face. When she lies back on the bed and pushes her massive knockers back halfway past her face, youll flip out. JS, the dude who fucked Texas titty-twirler Kaitlin Klien in the previous episode of Brick House Brawds, enters the bedroom and is astounded by Lady Snows chest. She reaches for his belt but he smacks her hand away. First he wants to inspect the amazing tits and ass of this prize specimen. Very thick. I like, JD says, patting her up and sucking her nipples hard. Lady likes a rough man so shes fine with being manhandled. She sits by the bed as he drops his pants. Lady likes to make a lot of noise when shes sucking cock and balls. The room is filled with slurping, moaning and other feminine cocksucking sounds as she prays to his kielbasa, her impossibly enormous hangers dangling heavy and free. JS is not done with his play. Lady gets on the bed, her ass in the air so he can cock-spank it, slap it and pull her cheeks apart. Staying in that doggie pose, her slip pulled down and her high-heeled feet dangling over the mattress, she sucks and licks his dick hands-free, a very erotic sight. Her mouth and tongue massage get him hard enough to hammer nails through concrete. He moves behind her to ram it righteously into her cootch and then the moment that many have been waiting for, the tit-fucking of Lady Snow as she lies on her back. Her gigantic jugs engulf his tubesteak until it vanishes! As shes titty-banged, Lady sneaks peeks directly into the camera as if to say, Who can top me? A lot more boffing and blowing are ahead for Lady Snow. This is one XLGirls scene you dont want to miss out on!
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Banging Karlas Brains Out : Horny Latina plumper Karla Lane brought her 36 F-cups all the way from Burbank, California to bang her brains out for XLGirls members. If thats not devotion, we dont know what is. Karla has large, dark areolae surrounded by succulent breast skin. She giggles as she squeezes her soft, pliable floppers. I think a girl can have a relationship with one guy and still fuck a lot of guys in movies, says Karla, who is girlfriend material. She likes making porn vids and explains why. Theres no strings and most of the guys in porn have pretty nice, big dicks. Believe me, its safer for a girl to do porn than run around fucking the guys that they meet in clubs the same night! Karla is the fourth Brick House Brawd to swallow, boob-squeeze and fuck the shaft of lust and the third hottie to take the cock of JS. Karla is one of those dedicated oralists who likes to make sexy slurping and popping sounds when she pulls a mans prick out of her mouth on the upstroke and more sounds on the downstroke into her throat. She thoroughly services his dipstick with her hands, lips and tits. Her pussy is bushy with dark hair, a rarity these days. Karla sits on the pole, filling her cunt with the shaft she has engorged with her throat. She is young and she cant get enough fucking and cock in her mouth. Her reward for being a good little fuck doll is to be fucked some more in doggie and on her back. Karla is very oral so you can figure out easily if she spits or swallows. She deserves as much as she can get and then some.
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Nikki Cars Goes For A Pink Pony Ride : Our fifth and final Brick House Brawd is the very sexy 40DDD-cupper Nikki Cars. It took a long time at first for Nikki to decide to try sexing-up for XLGirls. In the end, her inner party girl won the toss and her freak-on was liberated. This is Nikkis second XXX video for XLGirls. Her first video was The Sex Training of Nikki Cars near the close of 2007. Shes also made a XXX foodie video for But outside of her personal webcam modeling, Nikkis extracurricular hardcore fun is just with us, as far as we know. Nikki is the quintessential attractive XL brunette-next-door, the kind you will see in the supermarket or walking her dog. In the opener to Brick House Brawds, Nikki gets into bed fully dressed, heels and all, to put on a striptease and body show. Shes got on a red bra and panties, a denim miniskirt and a thin, tight top that shows off her mouthwatering assets. She tosses the top off, pulls down her bra cups under her tits and scoops them up for inspection. At this point, youll probably feel the ol tent pole rising fast. Now that Nikki has turned you and herself on, shes ready and juicy and in need of the cock. Enter one of the regular stunt-dicks around here, JT, just back from an audition for Last of The Mohicans. Not a guy to waste his time, his dick is already out of his fly for Nikki to engulf with her precious peaches. She kneels over him, bra still on, and uses the one-arm technique to tit-crush his cock. Nikki tongues the head of his shaft first, sneaking glances into the camera. She alternately sucks the head hands-free, grips it by the base and taps her boobs with it, and runs her tongue along the entire length. JT urges her to get more of his cock down her throat, proving that all you have to do most of the time is simply ask. The blowjobtit-fucking switches to a point-of-view scene. This makes the action even hornier. And Nikki likes to take her time sucking and jacking which is great. She lifts up her skirt so he can slide his mouth-lubed meat up her shaved cunt. Nikkis on top so JT can handily play with her tits. They fuck like this for a quite a while before JT renegotiates their position and buries his cock into Nikki doggie-style, slapping her ass. That pussy could suck the cum out of my balls, JT philosophically notes. By now, most guys would have fired a massive load but they both want more bang for their fuck so they try something new. As the old coach said, It aint over til its over! Next up The wrap-up to our XLGirls super-special presentation of Brick House Brawds!
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Making The Brick House Brawds : The XLGirls cameras check out the action, the behind the scenes fun and the sexy, huge-boobed plumpers of the special presentation Brick House Brawds starring Gia Johnson, Kaitlin Klien, Lady Snow, Karla Lane, Nikki Cars and a bunch of fuckin dicks. Gia and Kaitlin cut up posing together at the bar where they both had hot scenes and Nikki Cars climbs into bed to get fucked hard by horny guy JT.
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Webb of Boobs : Alice Webb is an XLGirl who never fails to attract a lot of attention. If she ever wants to try hardcore action with a hung stud, we are as close to her as her telephone. In this XLGirls video, Alice takes a bath and diddles herself with a big Doc Johnson lady-toy. Id be shocked to learn that a woman doesnt masturbate, says Alice. I love dildos and masturbation. Like we said, Alice gets a lot of attention whenever she goes out. Whats the funniest thing any guy has ever said to her? That would be, Excuse me. I am about to go and masturbate and I need a name for your face!, says Alice. That made me laugh. K.G. from Georgia really digs bathing beauty Alice Webb and he told us so. I like plumpers that have really big tits. Alice Webb is particularly attractive to me. I like everything about her except her nipple rings because I dont like body jewelry. You need more super-plumpers like her. Says Mr. B. from Vegas, Alice Webb has very swell tits. I love her nipple rings. More features of her, please.
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The Thrill of Sticky Toys : Im in property management, says 40DDD-Cupper Vivian Alise. Can you imagine this girl knocking on your apartment door asking if your appliances are working okay? Ive had tenants ask me out to dinner and stuff, but I cant. Why did Vivian decide to become a nude model? A lot of encouragement from a lot of guy friends, she answered. Vivian loves a lot of tit-play. My tits are very sensitive, Vivian explained. I can use a dildo and actually get off. My nipples get hard whether its a toy or a real cock. Theyre really sensitive. Being tit-fucked makes my whole body hot. Of course, the best way to give me an orgasm is to fuck me hard with your hard cock. Running Time 1433
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What Maids Do When The Boss Is Not In : Haydee Rodriguez dramatizes a very real occurrence in todays society. Maids with very large bosoms not working when their employers are not home. Instead, these bra-busters play with their huge titties and tickle their coochies with large sex toys from Doc Johnson. XLGirls photographers set up a hidden camera and turned it on to catch Haydee as she transformed from house maid to orgasmic nymphomaniac in only a few minutes. Shocked? Dont be. This is happening thousands of times a day around the world, in your community and in ours. These maids need to be disciplined. Thats why were exposing their secret activities. This XLGirls video is also on DVD in Big Fat Tits. Running Time 1324.
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Toying With Her 40DDDs : Graphic designer and business owner, Florida babe Desire Monet destroys a 40DDD bra. In this XLGirls video, shes hot in old-fashioned boudoir lingerie including a bustier. I have such soft legs, Desire quietly says, rubbing her shapely, stocking-clad legs. Got that right! She rubs the rest of her creamy, soft bod, giving those 40DDD flesh pillows the special attention they so richly deserve. She knows the value of her natural melons. Desire wants to show the world how she worships cock using a realistic fuck-stick. She sucks it, fucks her tits with it and then pumps her dripping wet pussy with it through the open gusset of her hose. As an added treat, Desire sucks her nipples, a rare sight and something we never get tired of seeing. Running Time 2250
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Tits Bigger Than Your Head : Were back with one of the recent favorites of XLGirls, Rose Valentina. What does Rose say about her masturbation habits? When Im not getting sex, I do it all the time, Rose told an XLGirls editor. Ihave to or else Im going to be the biggest bitch. Toys work better than my hand. And Ihave so many now, like a bag full of them from filming for my website. Okay, maybe like ten. Its not that much but its kind of a lot. And I use them all. And what does Rose say about her growing popularity since she began posing for Iwas shocked by all the places my name turned up on the Internet and the blogs where people could rate me. I was afraid to read them at first. There would be like ten pages of comments and they could be saying anything. But most of them were really good ratings of my boobs and performance. Of course, theyre good! Wed expect nothing less. Because Rose is hot! P.S. emails in accord What a sexy, beautiful goddess. A woman with a body like that should be worshipped. Her big, firm, curvy, tanned body is incredible. Talk about a blonde bombshell! What an awesome rack--full, firm and huge. They are, in a word, perfect. Roses boobs look so big and heavy, like it would take two hands to handle each one. Got that right.
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Dollys Big Dugs : Dolly was surfing the web yes, lots of horny ladies surf the web looking for hot stuff and she saw our website Dolly thought she had the right boobs for XLGirls. She does. She contacted us and before she knew it, she was sucking on her nipples while a cameraman blazed away. Dollys also had a sex fling with a horny Englishman for our cameras and weve got that video here on XLGirls. Running Time 1318.
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Teach Is Stacked : Victoria is all-American, born in Kansas and a resident of Virginia. She makes the perfect schoolteacher for us. If youre bored of education, this video will reactivate your interest in school marms. In school, I played basketball and I was a cheerleader, Victoria told us. I actually work as a nurse so teaching a sex ed class is not really a fantasy because a lot of nurses also do instruction in that field. I had a lot of fun doing this and I really got into it. Does it show? Yes, and Victorias 42 inch boobs under a see-through blouse and placed into a 50s style brassiere does show. Enjoy! Running Time 1901
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Bubble Bath Bazonkas : Youre in for a real cutie today. Someone everyone wants to fuck hard and long. Normally chatty, huge-chested natural Anna Carlene is all atitter if not atwitter this time. Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, she likes what she sees and so will you guys. Shes wearing a very sexy two-piece that makes her look like an American country girl. Anna is in fact Italian and looks it. She gives herself a spritz by the sink, then sits on the toilet seat to give herself some hand-relief. She gets up to enter the bath but stops again to rub her pussy and the highly sensitive area between her pussy-slit and her butthole. She gets into the bath and then she finally starts talking the famous Anna Carlene dirty, hot talk in her Italo-accented English and babydoll voice. That big, black cock-shaped dildo doesnt stand a chance. Running Time 1748
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Heavy Tits and Huge Toys : This Mandy Mason video was scheduled for and then D.P.s email came in. Its an email most worthy of repeating here on the site. Like we always say, you guys are the ultimate judges of fine girl-flesh, not us. Mandy Mason! From the first glimpse of your sultry eyes, pouty lips and amazing body in the kitchen set I was hooked. Such an amazingly gorgeous woman just doing a normal day to day thing, getting some stuff from a high-up cupboard. Then noticing being noticed and making the most of it! Teasing us all with your amazing ass and rack slowly getting us all going while youre getting yourself all ready to do yourself in the kitchen and in the meanwhile forgetting all about what was so important in the cupboard!. You got me early with the shot of you sitting forward on the steps with a cum for me baby grin on your face, holding your titties and just egging me on! And I thought that was it. A girl that you see once in a lifetime. But you came back! A shoot on XL Girls, on the couch. And my oh my! Those sultry eyes of yours just dont quit! One hand on your ass, one hand on your cheek just begging me to come hither! Mandy, please continue to grace our world with your gorgeous curvaceous body and your oh so, so sexy cum-hither eyes and lips! Running Time 1731
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Its Showtime With Jaden Suede : Do you remember Jaden Suede? Wrong question! The proper question is, you havent forgotten Jaden Suede, have you? Jaden was the college student studying firefighting and working as a nail technician. Her first photos were published in XLGirls SP176. Jadens hobbies are modeling, painting and chatting on the Net. Jaden loves toys, especially how strap-ons look. You show her a picture of a voluptuously endowed girl wearing a strap-on and she gets hot. She says her kinkiest sexual moment was bent over a bathroom counter during Thanksgving dinner. Wed guess that Jaden was the bird and her friend was the stuffer. In this XLGirls video, Jaden shows us how she gets her cookies off. I usually masturbate before bed to calm my nerves, Jaden reveals. Its like having a class of warm milk. So for Jaden, toying her pussy is both a stress-buster and a relaxing way to get to sleep. We asked Jaden how she dresses when she goes out since she has such a traffic-stopping body. Usually 80s stockings, platform shoes and mini-skirts, she says. A babydoll T-shirt and Stunna shades. And what satisfies her most of all? Having my ass eaten and being fucked hard by a dildo, Jaden replies. Shes a girl who knows what she likes.
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With A Cherry On It! : Renee Ross. The envy of every ice cream and whipped cream manufacturer from Miami to Calcutta. Not to mention every banana grower and importer from here to South America. In this XLGirls video, Renee plays hot and sexy, turning herself into the most voluptuous sundae ever made! Looks good enough to lick off her juicy, plump body, doesnt she. Renee has quickly become a huge favorite here. Youve probably seen her on the free home page of giving the guided tour. If you havent, check it out just to watch Renee walk and talk. She is too much! She is a true man-pleaser and she admits it. I love to please men, says Renee. I mean, I dont mind being pleased, but for me, it is all about their pleasure. I think that is what gets me off the most about being with someone. And thats why shes on XLGirls. To please everyone. Its doesnt get better than that!
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